Kaduna Govt Plans To Use Unemployed Thugs To Protest Sacking Of Teachers – Shehu Sani



    By; ISRAEL BULUS, Kaduna

    The Senator representing Kaduna Central,  Comrade Shehu Sani has alleged that the Kaduna State Government is planning to hire and use unemployed youth, thugs and helpless women to protest sacking of teachers in the state.

    The Senator who stated this on his Facebook page on Sunday 12th November, 2017 said,” They want to hire and use unemployed youths,thugs and helpless women to troop to the streets to support the sacking of teachers in Kaduna.

    “Few months ago they used the same thugs to unleash violence against  us at NUJ Kaduna during a press conference.

    “The Kaduna State Government has recently also hired youth and women to malign me because of their loan request.

    The controversial Senator reiterated his support to the labour unions that, ” any examination conducted for teachers not by Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria is invalid. Making public 10 answer scripts out of over 21,000 answer scripts makes no sense to any reasonable and rational mind. While people outside of Kaduna are made to believe that it’s about ‘Quality education’ or ‘next generation’,the people of Kaduna know better about the truth behind the facade. This will be left for another day.

    According to him,” the people of Kaduna are solidly behind the position of the NLC and TUC on this issue.

    “Use of thugs or Government syndicated bloggers or embedded journalists will not change their opinion. I speak the mind of all the other two senators from Kaduna state.” Shehu Sani disclosed


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