Buhari’s Achievements Laudable Despite Inheriting Empty Purse – Lai Mohammed


    The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, said the
    Buhari Administration has recorded laudable achievements, despite a
    terrible economic downturn and an empty purse foisted on it by those
    who monumentally mismanaged the economy.

    In his remarks at the launch of a book chronicling the Administration’s achievements in Abuja on Thursday, the Minister said ”despite those who are daily trying to muddle the waters, this Administration has, through fidelity to discipline, determination and transparency, recorded landmark achievements that are putting our country on the path of sustainable growth.

    ”Taking a broad view, this Administration is delivering in the broad
    areas that form the plank of its policies: Security, fight
    against corruption and the economy, which includes the massive
    provision of infrastructure, ease of doing business and agriculture,
    just to mention a few.”

    Alhaji Mohammed said with the fact that nothing can be achieved
    without security, the Administration has successfully tackled the
    menace of Boko Haram, which had crippled the North-east and even put
    the residents of the Federal Capital Territory on tenterhooks,
    following attacks on the UN Complex, the police headquarters and
    crowded motor parks, all in the FCT.

    He reeled out the Administration’s achievements in several sectors,
    including power where he said generation has increased from 2,690MW on
    29 May 2015 to 6,619MW; transmission capacity from 5,000MW to 6,700MW
    and distribution capacity from 4,000MW to 4,600MW as at September

    On Infrastructure, the Minister said the Administration has increased,
    many times over, the budget allocated to roads (from 18 billion to
    198.25 billion Naira), power (from 5 billion to 91.2 billion Naira)
    and housing (from 1.8 billion to 71.559 billion Naira), hence was able
    to construct or rehabilitate a total of 766 kilometres of roads across
    the country in 2017.

    On the economy, he said headline inflation has fallen for nine
    consecutive months this year and that foreign reserves are up to $34
    billion, from $24 billion a year ago.

    ”Nigeria is out of recession and the economy is on the growth
    trajectory again, after the economy contracted for five consecutive
    quarters. Despite the downturn in oil prices, this Administration was
    able to invest an unprecedented sum of over 1.2 trillion Naira in
    capital projects through the 2016 Budget, the highest ever in the
    history of this country.

    ”Our Sovereign Wealth Fund, which was established in 2011 with US$1
    billion, did not receive additional investment for 4 years when oil
    prices were as high as US$120 per barrel. This Administration was able
    to invest an additional US$500 million into the Fund,” Alhaji
    Mohammed said.

    Listing other achievements in the economic sector, he said stability
    has been restored to the foreign exchange market, the recent 24-place
    leap by Nigeria in the World Ease of Doing Business Index and the
    rehabilitation of 15 moribund Fertilizer Blending Plants across
    Nigeria, which has created 50,000 direct jobs and 70,000 indirect

    The Minister said the Administration’s war against corruption is
    moving apace, adding: “Never before, in our history, have so many
    people being hauled before the courts to account for their alleged
    roles in the unprecedented looting of our commonwealth. Corruption is
    no longer possible on the table. It has been driven under, with those
    still engaged constantly being made to watch their backs.”

    He also reeled out figures to support his claim that the
    Administration’s Social Investment Programme ”is a roaring success”.

    ”Over 4.5 million pupils in public schools are being fed under the
    School Feeding programme; Over 200,000 unemployed graduates have been
    employed under the N-Power Scheme. Over 250,000 enterprises have
    benefitted from the sum of 12.5 billion Naira, which has been
    disbursed to entrepreneurs to expand their businesses and over 110,000
    households are currently benefitting from the Conditional Cash
    Transfer programme across the country,” Alhaji Mohammed said


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