Initiative For Prevention of Malaria Inducts Emir Of Zazzau Grand Patron


    Initiative For the Prevention of Malaria (IPM) has taken a bold step in the right direction in pursuit of its drive to eradicate vector disease in Nigeria, inducting the Emir of Zazzau, Alhaji Shehu Idris as its first Grand Patron on Wednesday in Zaria.

    IPM with the aim of creating awareness on the eradication of malaria made settled for Nigeria’s oldest traditional ruler as its first grand patron.

    President of the NGO, Honourable Emmanuel Ibeshi explained that the nomination of the Emir of Zazzau, Alhaji Dr. Shehu Idris was in recognition of the principles he stands for and his contribution on environmental issues.

    Honourable Ibeshi drew the attention of the Emir while reading the creed of office which include to be an Advocate of vector control in Nigeria and Africa and to raise awareness on the society on the benefits of a clean and safe environment.

    Other parts of the creed are to make sanitation with special focus on vector control a key aspect in community development and nation building as well as to advocate for a behavioural change in the country on the importance of keeping our environment clean and dry.

    The Emir who listened with keen interest on the expectations before him accepted the offer immediately amidst laughs alongside other council members.

    IPM president appreciated the commitment of the Emir calling for a united front in the fight against malaria.

    Earlier, IPM National Coordinator Ms Nnenna Didigu who announced the induction of the Emir recalled the NGO’s advocacy visit to the Emirate outlying the organisation’s mission.

    Highlight of the visit was the presentation of the patron plaque and certificate and plaque and the decoration of the Emir with the prestigious IPM pin.

    This reality formed the drive for the Emir of Zazzau Dr. Shehu Idris to accept the offer of being the first patron of the Initiative for the Prevention of Malaria IPM
    While commending the IPM, the Emir of Zazzau who is also the chairman Kaduna state traditiinal Council and the oldest Monarch in Nigeria assured of support and coorporation towards the IPM project.
    “Our people will give you alk the support and cooperation. But i want you to go to the media so that you can enlighten the people generally against the prevention of malaria. It is becoming disturbing for the whole Nation not only our community. I need you to outline the requirements and i will talk to the Local government, state government, Federal government and the legislature”.
    Earlier the National coordinator Initiative for the Prevention of Malaria, Ms Nenna Didigu informed the Emir of making him the first Patron and the need for him to save his people from mosquitoe related diseases and reducing the instances of malaria maternity infant mortality.
    Ms Nenna Didigu empahsized on the need for a clean and dry environment to eliminate the breeding of mosquitoes, which is part of the IPM mission.
    “And if there are areas we need to fumigate we do that. At IPM we dont just use the normal sprayers we use drones. We have gone higher in terms of technology. Before we fumigate we look at the people living there and what kind of chemicals we are going to use. We dont just use the once that are on the shelf. We produce for each environment and we dont produce to keep we produce to use. It is free at no cost to the community”.
    Also speaking the coordinator of IPM, mr Jude Ibeshi explained that with the aerial fumigation there will be no need for nets adding that the people must learn proper waste disposal.
    IPM was established in September 2017 with a mission of being a major advocacy group on vector control in Nigeria and to improve the quality of human lives in communities through education , surveillance and control of mosquitoes.

    Malaria has been responsible for the deaths of millions over the years and more are at risk of health damages and death from it.


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