Renzows Events Adds Colour To 2017 Jaji Golf Club Captain Tourney



    Colour was added to the 2017 Ola Saad Golf Club, Jaji Captain’s Tournament with the intervention of Renzows Event Management and Designs, as well as other sponsors.

    The interventions added flesh to the two-day tournament that saw to many colourful activities.
    The club also made record with the featuring of 10 professional golfers as announced by the Captain, Colonel Nicholas Ashinze during the prizes presentation on Sunday.
    In an interview with newsmen, representative of Renzow’s Mrs. Rebecca Ashinze described the game of golf as unique.
    She explained that although she is new in playing the game, it helps in shaping the mind, body and soul.
    “Even if you just take a walk round the course without playing a game, it is good exercise,” she said.
    On the perception that golf is an elitist game, she said it was a misconception, as the game welcomes everybody, irrespective of their demographics.
    Also in an interview, one of the professional golfers, Shockai Ibrahim who is also a member of the club, was excited that he beat other professionals in their game.
    “I am happy that I played better than other professionals who came here at my club,” he said.
    Shockai admitted that for a while he has not won any tournament, attributing the victory to more effort s that he put in.
    The two-day tournament which was teed off on Saturday and ended on Sunday, witnessed participants from several clubs across the country.
    Renzows, responsible for the decors and other things, ensured that the Club House was adequately decorated and players were well kitted with branded shirts and caps.
    Another sponsor that was visible at the tournament was EMI Systems Ltd.


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