OPINION BY AMBASSADOR ALIYU IBN ABBAS – APC A Failed Product: Why Nigerians Will Yearn For Atiku In 2019

    Economic thinkers have made us to understand that buyers have expectations for any product they buy. As rational beings, they go after products that will give them value for their money (maximum satisfaction). Also a product may be well packaged and sold for the first time but if it does not meet customers’ expectation, it cannot be patronized for the second time. This is the case with the All Progressives Congress (APC) led government in Nigeria.
    In 2015, Nigerians massively bought the CHANGE idea sold to them by the APC with high expectations that millions of jobs will be created for the millions of jobless youth and the masses, there were assurances of good governance, security, rule of law, economic prosperity and better life for every Nigerian.
    A big question today is, has the APC-led government delivered any of these promises/expectations? Regretfully, the answer is no!
     So far, the expectations of millions of Nigerian voters from the government have not been met and unfortunately, this present administration has only about one year, three months before the next elections. Yet, there is no positive impact or deliverables for the common man.
    Today, millions of people have lost their jobs and means of livelihood since 2015. The youth are voiceless and cannot paticipate in the affairs of their own country, cost of living is  higher than ever before, that millions of Nigerians cannot afford three meals a day.
    Most civil/public servants cannot afford more than house rents and daily food. There is no accountability, fairness and equal treatment in the fight against corruption. What we see is a clear case of selective justice in favour of APC members, cabinet members and those who have affiliation with the APC-led government (the seemingly untouchables).
     Nigerians are watching how the anti-curruption fight targets mostly opposition party members and defenceless common citizens. While insurgency in the northeast has declined, the state of insecurity in the country is worsening which shows that military solution is never the best approach.
    As rational, well learned and analytical people, it is doubtful if Nigerians will patronize the APC product again because it has failed to meet their expectations since they voted it into power in 2015.
    Amb. Aliyu Bin Abbas is the National  Chairman, Atiku Care Foundation.
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