Olubadan Chieftaincy Crisis: Authentic Mogajis Ask New Obas To Stop Disrespecting Olubadan


    By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

    The authentic Ibadan Mogajis ( family heads) on Thursday asked the 21 new kings installed and crowned by the Oyo state government in Ibadanland to withdrawal their 21 days ultimatum handed down to Oba Saliu Adetunji to “retrace his opposition” to the review of the Olubadan Chieftaincy law or be deposed

    Rising from a meeting , the Mogajis while urging President Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Abiola Ajimobi to stop the 21 kings from disrespecting Oba Adetunji as the Olubadan of Ibadanland secifically warned 8 of the 21 new kings that are high chiefs in Ibadan to stop parading themselves as Ibadan kings to prevent anarchy.

    Speaking on behalf of other authentic Mogajis, Chief Olawale Oladoja declared that their warning on the threat to the Olubadan by the 21 kings was to avert the disintegration of the Ibadan chieftaincy customs and tradition.

    Chief Oladoja stressed that “as elders and stakeholders in Ibadan customs and tradition,” they “can no longer fold our arms and watch the city disintegrate.”

    ” We can ’t continue to fold our arms and watch while some people rain abuses and insults on our revered Kabiyesi , the Olubadan . It is a big slap on the real Ibadan sons and daughters, and we have decided to appeal to the eight high chiefs to withdraw their statement within the next seven days or face the consequences of their disloyalty to the Olubadan , who by law and tradition of the city , remains the paramount ruler of the land.” he said.

    Chief Oladoja added “this desecration of our tradition is what the illegal installation of the high chiefs and baales by the governor has brought but we will stand firm against it.”

    “ These eight high chiefs are members of the Olubadan -in- council and they should stop parading themselves as constitutional obas in Ibadan land; failure to do so may lead to anarchy We know quite alright that the government of President Muhammadu Buhari will not tolerate anything that will jeopardise the security of any part of the country; and the governor , who is the chief security officer of the state , should caution all these so-called obas.”

    Speaking further, Chief Oladoja said “they should allow the court to decide the case on merit and stop cutting corners “, saying, ” we , the authentic Mogajis of Ibadan , begin to wonder if these people are already feeling guilty before the court pronouncements. Why can’ t they allow the status quo to remain pending the judgment of several cases on the matter ?”

    According to the authentic e family heads spokesman, there was the need for the new Obas and all the parties in the matter have faith in the judiciary, adding that if the high chiefs continued to disrespect the Olubadan , they would also be subjected to public ridicule.in Ibadanland

    The press conference was attended by the Mogaji Oloko compound , Chief Abass Oloko; Mogaji Adanla compound, Chief Abduljelili Karheem ; Mogaji Akere compound, Chief Moshud Gbolagade ; Mogaji Omilabu compound, Chief Waheed Kosoko ; Mogaji Olasomi compound, Chief Ademola Oladosu ; and Mogaji Akinsola compound, Chief Wale Oladoja .


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