OPINION BY GIDEON MUTUM: Southern Kaduna Beyond Prayer Summits



    One of the major misconception of our time is is prayer. There is no doubt that prayer remain a major part of our life and relationship with God, a sure means of receiving help, answers and comfort from God. But has the potency to release God’s resources and power to navigate through difficult times. With prayers both biblical characters and contemporary elders obtained result and assurance of better things. I write as one that has and still experiences the tremendous benefit of prayer. So don’t get me wrong.

    Contemporary Christianity has not done well in modelling prayer. We have a microwave, Idomie, sharp-sharp generation of Christians. That see prayer as a shortcut to getting things. An alternative to hard work, a shift of responsible to a force somewhere to find a way no matter what to get them breakthrough.

    This of course is clearly seen in our exclamation of Amen when Men Of God pronounce “This week you are going to receive money, Or saying your enemies will die this week” we approach God as someone that lives only to attend to our need. I make bold to say one of the many faces of prayer is responsibilities. Sometimes the answer to our prayer results from work, hard work brothers and sisters. God answers all prayers but not in our terms. It must be in His terms. That is His attribute, sovereignty.

    This brings me to the concern and burden I personally share for Southern Kaduna for some years now.  Prayer must express the power of God, prayer must end in strategy, strategic planning for that matter. Our believe in prayer must result in empowerment, it must make us better. Every prayer scripturally resulted in some kind of developmental result or situational changes. For over 17years now since the maiden edition of the Southern Kaduna Prayer Summit, we indeed recorded some level of breakthrough. I strongly believe one machinery that ushered in the first Christian executive Governor is the Prayer Summit. yet we are not able to rise beyond our challenges. We are still bewailing the lack of internal unity between the many ethnic nationalities that bind the Southern Kaduna people, we still can’t develop beyond government, we still can’t build strong entrepreneurs, we still can’t take over the market or the economy, we still can’t develop a strong man power within our youths. We still can’t speak with one voice, with the investment in prayer we still can’t build a strong political force instead we keep loosing our best political actors. We are fast losing out in morality and spirituality. We are gradually losing in identity, I mean the biblical identity we received over 100years of the coming of the gospel and missionaries to our land.

    We must not forget who we are. We are the people of the Book (Bible). It gave us identity, civilization, high self esteem, audacity, education, enlightenment, morality and above all the gospel is the power of God unto salvation. It gave us salvation. We were rated the best in the North with our middlebelt counterparts. All because of the gospel and prayer.


    1 There would be the need for us to return to the Lord. (Hosea 6:1-3, 2 Chronicles 7:14) We must return in consecration. Our leaders must not organize such a summit with selfish reasons. We must must stop using such platform for political office holders a political aspirants as we did in the past. We should remember the founding motives.

    2 Prayer must lead us to action. Every prayer comes with answers. Our spiritual leaders must hear and communicate to us what God is saying in terms of our responsibilities. We can’t just come and pray and expect God to build the region without our cooperation. What new things our we bringing to the table? Infact we should be able to share testimonies of last years prayers and the achievements thus far?

    3 Our prayer must result to empowerment and development plan. The number of youths and graduates roaming our street should be empowered. Widows and orphans should be drafted into skill acquisitions and scholarships schemes.

    4 We must translate our prayer into political power, economic power. We keep praying and we are totally broke. Unbelievers have taken over our markets. They wake up in the morning straight to the market while we wake up straight to beer parlours and 9Naijabet, we must from now determine our economy. We must take over resource control. Our political will must be strong this time around. We must say boldly we can’t be bought, or sold.

    5 We must use the pulpit. Our message must change. From the message of condemnation to hope, building, motivating, we must tell youths is possible. We must say to them you can dare again, go again, rise again. We must support in providing direction.

    Like Nehemiah we must arise and build. We must not listen to Sanballat and Tobiah

    I weep for Southern Kaduna now. And I am looking for strategists, development friends, revolutionaries, way finders, navigators, spiritual, godly entities that will join hands with the few that are making impact so that together we shall handover to our children a safe haven, a better environment that they will be proud of. FELLOW SOLDIERS WHERE ARE YOU???


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