2018: Buhari Must Be Cautious In Taking Key Decisions – Pastor Timmy Larry


    *I see a roaring Lion with young cubs coming against Nigeria, we must pray to avert It

    *says FG must carry clerics along in fight against corruption

    By; EDEM DARLINGTON, Calabar

    Popular Calabar based pastor, Timmy Larry has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to thread with caution, some of his major policy decisions in 2018 if he must take Nigeria to the promised land.

    Pastor Larry, who is the General Overseer, Glorious Assembly Ministries aka Christ Endtime Military Academy Int’l located at Atimbo, Calabar said this while speaking with AUTHENTIC News Daily in his office, he also advised the federal government to be sincere in its approach and fight against corruption, as well as including religious leaders in the corruption fight.

    He was speaking amidst many expectation of Nigerians in 2018.

    The fiery cleric, renowned for his precise prophecies and mind-blowing miracles spoke about so many things including economy, insecurity, foreign relations etc. He also advised the Nigerian Meteorological Agency – NiMet and the National Emergency Management agency – NEMA to brace up against what he described as “great devastating effect of flood in Nigeria”

    He said “I see a heavy down poor with great devastating effect in the country in 2018 if the federal government agencies do not prepare ahead, it would be very dangerous. NiMet, NEMA and every other management agencies of government at all level must be ready to fight this”

    Improved economy in 2018

    On economy, Pastor Larry hinted thatĀ  2018 will be a year which the nation’s economy will experience tremendous growth.

    ” Generally speaking, the economy of Nigeria will improve in 2018, it is a very good year for the country as economy will experience a boom. So many uncompleted projects will be completed in this country but one thing that is required of us is that we must pray fervently.

    For those who fear and live the Lord, the year 2018 will be a very good year”

    Fight against corruption and insecurity

    The cleric said if they federal government seriously intend to win the war against corruption, it must endeavour to include men and women of God including Muslims and Christians.

    “One of the mistakes the federal government is doing is that they are fighting corruption and leaving men of God behind. What you call corruption is a natural ingredient in the fabric of man. It is only the influence and power of God that can arrest that natural self aggrandisement in man. So if corruption must be fought from the root, clerics must be carried along” he said.

    “Aside from that, a man that is hungry and is not certain about tomorrow is bound to steal whenever he finds himself in a privileged position. And these are some of the corruption bends that federal government must tackle. That minimum wage should be increased and living standard improved for citizens. In some other countries you have ministry of price control, what is wrong with government trying to ensure prices of goods are effectively controlled? he queried

    “The Lord told me that currently there is a roaring lion with other young lions that isĀ  ready to devour Nigeria. Nigerians needs to pray so that God will avert the calamity.

    This lion is a personality in Nigeria he has a selfish interest and will not mind to devour anything and anybody for his own interest. Men with devastating personal interest over this nation, but this is where prayers come in.

    The president must not allow Nigerians perceive the fight against corruption as one sided or only against the enemies of the present government. Nigerians are the most intelligent people on earth and everyone is watching and if it is perceived that way, many could revolt. In the cause of fighting corruption let there be more sincerity in the approach, there should be no preferential treatment”

    The cleric encouraged Nigerians to pray hard for those at different leadership position in government because according to him ” Nigerians must understand that both good and bad leaders are from God depending on the people, right from history, God deals with a nation according to the way the people are. If the people good God gives them good leaders and if they are bad, he gives them bad leaders, so at the end of the day it is all about the people” he maintained.

    Caution against foreign influence

    On international and bilateral relations, Pasto Larry warned ” I see alot of foreign influence on Nigeria in 2018, but we must be careful in bilateral relations and external influences. There will be more foreign influence on Nigeria but the leadership of the country must be careful of how to handle it”


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