Delta: Ovie Confirms Olaniyi Salami As Yoruba Leader in Uvwie

    ​The Yorubas in Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State gathered in large numbers to witness the confirmation of Alfa Salami Olaniyi as the first Asiwaju (Leader) of all the Yoruba’s in Uvwie  area of the state, by Ovie of Uvwie Kingdom, His Royal Majesty Emmanuel Sideso, Abe 1.
    The event that took place at the Ovie palace in Effurun, was the aftermath of Olaniyi’s nomination as Asiwaju of yoruba in the local government area, by the Yorubas in the area.
    The ovie who blessed the Asiwaju after he was presented to him, welcomed the Yoruba community and appreciated them for the peace they have been maintaining in his community, including their participation in elections.
    The Royal Majesty encouraged  the Yorubas to give their children proper education.
    “Some youths are under our scholarship scheme including non indigenes ( Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa), and we are ready to do more.”
    “We do not discriminate, we will always carry everybody along, been any tribe.” He added.
    The Abe1, who used the opportunity to invite the Yoruba community for his 10th coronation anniversary that is coming up in February, was assured by the Asiwaju that all the yorubas in Uvwie will be present at the event.
    Olaniyi appreciated the king for his wisdom, support and kindness, he described the people of Uvwie as the best and very accommodative.
    In his words, “I say a big thank you for the confidence you all have in me, which prompt my nomination for this great position. I promise to make the welfare and unity of yorubas in Uvwie my top priority.”
    Olaniyi who is the CEO of Niyi Joyin Nigeria Enterprises, is a native of Osogbo, Osun State and he was born and brought up In Delta State.
    The new Asiwaju is the initiator and chairman of Yoruba Consultative Forum which was formed many years ago to unite yorubas, having known that yorubas were living individually in Delta State, instead of living collectively.
    Funke Rotifa, the organizer of the yearly Yoruba cultural day in Delta State said, “I am very happy to witness this great occasion, it is a good step. I strongly believe that it will strengthen the unity of yorubas in the state and promote our rich cultural heritage.”


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