Bayelsa Ex-Militants Pass Vote Of No Confidence On Gen. Boro


    Some Niger Delta repentant militants have passed a vote of no confidence in the Special Assistant on Amnesty Programme to President Muhammadu Buhari, Gen. Paul Tarela Boro for allegedly deviating from the vision statement of the programme.

    In a statement signed Thursday in Abuja by the Bayelsa state coordinator of the group Excel Y. Toriomo, popularly call (Leader Monday) alleged that since inception of Gen. Boro as the Amnesty cordinator, the noble intention of the programme has been defeated.

    According to him, the mission statement of the amnesty was to ease the pains of the suffering Niger Delta ex-agitators, by empowering them with different skills but the case is now different.

    “Paul Tarela Boroh has been taking us for granted since he came into office, for this reason we the ex agitator reject the campaign in support of Boroh by Ijaw Youth Congress (IYC) by the Abuja chapter, because it is against the constitution of the IYC.

    “The  federal government didn’t grant the amnesty to any organisation, amnesty was given to the freedom fighters who engaged on arm struggle for the South-south region to be developed because the region have long been victimised and marginalized.

    “We advised all sons and daughters of the region to disengage themselves from the kangaroo campaign in support of Boroh. Together we say Gen. Boroh must go because Boroh is not conversant with the struggle.

    “We are so ashamed that Paul Tarela Boroh is saying that he has trained 21,850 persons in the amnesty programme. We challenge him to show us 10,000 persons he has trained and just 100 farms he has established in the Niger Delta region. We say no to the end of amnesty programme and also to the poor welfare of the beneficiaries of amnesty programme, and to bad leadership style of Paul Tarela Boroh,” he stated.

    The Bayelsa chapter however, asked Mr. Boro to publicly give account of his leadership at the Amnesty Office since his emergence.


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