Govt Take Over: Tudun Wada Rido Land Owners Appeal To el-Rufai For Adequate Compensation


    *say they were offered far less than value of plots

    A group of individuals with landed properties in Tudun Wada Rido area of Kaduna State have appealed to Governor Nasir el-Rufai to assist them in ensuring that they are adequately compensated for their property which the government has acquired for other uses.

    The group at a press briefing in Kaduna at the weekend, presented by their spokesman, Comrade Adigizi Ibrahim Aminu, with the text titled: ‘A Press Conference By Land Owners In Areas Around  Tudun Wada Rido Areas’, said that they were grossly under compensated for the land by the government.
    “A great number of us bought plots land located in the above address at different times, prices and process. We were made to understand that government showed interest in the place we we have no objection with a promise of adequate compensation.
    “To our greatest dismay, when the compensation started proper, some of us discovered that they were paid peanuts.
    “For example a woman bought 14 plots at the rate of one hundred and eighty five thousand Naira each totaling two million, six hundred thousand Naira, but was given a cheque of five hundred and seven thousand five hundred Naira which boils down to thirty six thousand, two hundred Naira per plot and so many others like that,” the group said.
    From the text of the briefing made available to AUTHENTIC News Daily on Saturday January 27, 2018, they further explained that there were others who also bought plots of land at the area for over N250,000 but were offered same payment of N36,250 compensation per plot.
    They therefore, demanded adequate compensation.
    “1. We want to demand since government has intention for development,  we are willing to part with the land in question if adequately compensated.
    ” 2. Government should be humane in this exercise knowing we have no other way of recovering what we have invested.
    “3. As a listening government, we are demanding that even if we will not be paid higher than the cost invested, at least it should not be lower than what we expended per plot,” they appealed.


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