War Might Begin If FG Fails To End Killings, Cleric Warns

    Founder of Faith Assembly Prophetic Ministry Incorporated, Warri, Delta State,  Bishop Onyeke Onyeke has condemned unending  killings going on across the country by suspected  Fulani herdsmen, calling on government at all levels to act now before it turn into religious war.
    Onyeke who spoke to our correspondent in Warri during the dedication of his triplets to God at his church, said the recent killings by Fulani herdsmen was escalating because Christians were not united, adding that it was only unity that solves these problems.
    He  advised the Federal Government to match it’s words with action saying that until people start seeing concrete evidence that the government was serious in tackling the Fulani herdsmen, people will continue to lose confidence in the ability of government to secure it’s citizens.
    While saying that the killing in Benue  State in northern region of the country, was  regrettable, adding,  “I want to condemn the killings going on in some parts of the country because it is not good to kill another human being.
    “On herdsmen attacks across the country, I see that if Christians can come together as one and be united, it will be very difficult for our enemies to conquer us. The reason why things are like this is because Christians do not love themselves. We are all praying in different directions forgetting that we are serving one God. We have different churches today and one pastor will preach against another pastor. How do we fight against our enemies like this?
    “For us to come out of this quagmire Christians must learn to love and forgive each other and serve one God. Today some Christians think that when you attend Faith Assembly Prophetic Ministry you do not know God. So the only way we can fight back is when we work together as one united family. A house that is divided against itself cannot stand,” Onyeke said.
    Onyeke who was sometime rumoured to be dead, said his death rumour did not sound as a surprise to him because he believed that God was using that period to try and test his faith.
    “I was very ill at one point and people thought I was dead and they went around spreading rumours that I am dead. Some say I cannot survive the illness. But today I thank God that I am alive and kicking because it was not the will of God that I should die.
    “My being alive today is a testimony to God because when trials and persecution came to me it was just like what happened to Job. I lost everything I had then. But today I am alive and he has restored everything I lost back to me in ten folds,” Onyeke added.
    He expressed gratitude to God for the safe delivery of his triplet all girls,  saying that their arrival was a miracle for his wife was delivered of the triplets in his car against prediction of doctors that she will undergo cesarean  operation.


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