Nigeria Now Owned By Ethnic Supremacists, Jihadi Warlords – Fani-Kayode

    Following the summoning of the DPO of Gboko a day after the alleged murder of six Fulani in his division, while no  body was held accountable for the murder of over 100 Tivs in their villages, is an indication that Nigeria is now owned by Jihadi warlords.
    Former Minister of Aviation and social crusader, Femi Fani-Kayode expressed this while reacting on Friday.
    “Nigeria is now OWNED by a group of barbaric ethnic supremacists and genocidal Jihadi warlords,” he said.
    He wondered why no arrests were made over killings of Benue natives, but Tiv youth have been promptly arrested over the alleged killings.
    “100 innocent souls are slaughtered by Fulani terrorists in Benue state yet Buhari has refused to arrest even one of their killers.
    “7 Fulanis are killed in Benue state and not only are dozens of Tiv youths arrested the next day but the Tiv DPO is summoned to Abuja and accused of helping his people to kill Fulanis!” He stressed.
    “2013: Boko Haram butchered thousands yet Buhari said it was “unjust” for them to be proscribed and killed.He said an attack on Boko Haram was “an attack on the north”. He protested when a state of emergency was declared in 3 states because of Boko Haram and he said Boko Haram should be “pampered”.
    “2014: Boko Haram loved and had so much confidence in Buhari that they nominated him as their spokesman and chief negotiator in proposed talks with the Federal Government. They said they TRUSTED him because he promised to spread sharia THROUGHOUT Nigeria and to ALWAYS protect Muslims.
    “2017: Janjaweed Fulani terrorists and Miyetti Allah kill thousands of people over 3 years and subjects them to genocide and ethnic cleansing. Buhari defends them, refuses to arrest them, refuses to ban them, refuses to declare them terrorists and refuses to protect Nigerians.
    “2018: Buhari pampers the Janjaweed Fulani terrorists,says they”must be accomodated”, calls them his “brothers”, remains Life Patron of Miyetti Allah and enters into negotiations with them.” Fani-Kayode emphasized.


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