Okadas Can Now Operate, Kaduna Assembly Says



    Commercial motorcycle users in Kaduna State have received leniency to convey persons on humanitarian basis.

    This followed the passage of the bill for a law to substitute the Kaduna State Commercial Motorcycles prohibition. Law, No 5 of 2014 into law by the state House of Assembly.

    The plenary section which was presided over  by the Honourable Speaker of the House, Alhaji. Aminu Abdullahi Shagali was  first plenary in the year, 2018.

    The aim of the law is to substitute the Kaduna State Commercial Motorcycles Prohibition Law, No.5 of 2014 with a new law to meet the current realities thereby strengthening it.

    The bill was passed into law after a thorough study and research by the committee on works, housing and transport and thereby  recommended that upon the acceptance of the report by the House, the bill stands substituted as well as passed through the third.

    The chairman of the Committee on Works, Housing and Transport, Malam Mukhtar Isa Hazo said that the bill is one of the almighty bills in the State Assembly apart from that of SIECOM, as it has been on the neck of every citizen of the state regarding commercial motorcycles.

    According to him, the new law provides that, a suspect if arrested should be discharged then and there if it is established that the suspected person conveyed a passenger on his motorcycle based on humanitarian ground  or to save life and property as against what is obtainable in the former law which stated that one cannot convey a passenger on his motorcycle.

    The lawmaker noted that  the new law  will lessen the burden on the people of the affected areas especially the commercial motorcycles users.

    He added that there is a schedule attached to the new law that will depict where the provision should take place and by so doing the good people of Kaduna State will be happy with this new development.

    Meanwhile, the Bill for a Law to Amend the Kaduna State Geographic Information Service was also passed into law by the House.

    The aim of the law is to Establish the Kaduna State Geographic information Service which will replace the one earlier enacted in 2015 (law no. 15 of 2015) and that all lands, records and information throughout the State shall be computerized.

    The committee on Lands, Survey and Country Planning held series of meetings at committee level which enable them come up with the report appropriately.

    The bill to Review Committee, Law of No.3 of 1991 was also passed into law with the aim of Reconstituting  the Kaduna State Law  review Committee to review Laws enacted in the state, and also to repeal obsolete enactments and reform procedural Laws which will bring them in conformity with changes in the machinery of administration of justice in Kaduna State.


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