Lai Mohammed Moves To Boost TV, Radio Advert Revenue, Names Panel On Audience Measurement


    The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has set
    up a task team of industry experts to work out the modality for
    setting up a scientific Audience Measurement System, as part of
    measures to boost radio and television advertising revenue in the

    In a statement signed by his SA Segun Adeyemi, the Minister announced the setting up of the team in Enugu, Enugu
    State, on Monday, at the launch of the Digital Switch Over (DSO) in
    television in the state, noting that bringing Nigerian TV
    advertisement market in line with global best practices could bring an
    additional 200-400 million dollars in revenue to the industry.

    He said the task team will comprise representatives of the National
    Broadcasting Commission (NBC), Advertising Practitioners Council of
    Nigeria (APCON), Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria (BON), Signal
    Distributors, and Advertisers’ Association of Nigeria (ADVAN), among

    The Team’s terms of reference include to identify best practice
    Audience Measurement System that will support the sustainable growth
    of the Nigeria Creative and Entertainment Industry; recommend a
    framework for supporting the sustainability of the Audience
    Measurement System, independent of the Federal Government, and
    recommend a payment and disbursement framework among the key
    stakeholders in the industry.

    Alhaji Mohammed said the current Diary Audience Measurement System is
    not ideal for the critical transitional phase before full Digital
    Terrestrial Television (DTT) migration, adding: ”We need an objective
    and scientific Audience Measurement System that articulates the value
    of the content to consumers as well as the value of the audience to
    advertisers, particularly in the television sector.”

    He said the delay in adopting a scientific Audience Measurement System
    had resulted in under-investment in the sector, which is necessary to
    foster the growth of the industry as the advertising community
    continues to rely on subjective factors when making decisions on the
    content they want, as opposed to how many viewers the content truly

    ”As a consequence, television platforms are subjected to renting out
    space on their channels to sustain their business, and content
    producers have become increasingly over-reliant on sponsorship which,
    unfortunately, skews the authenticity of their creative output in
    favor of a few decision makers, rather than the millions of TV
    viewers,” the Minister said.

    On the DSO launch in Enugu, Alhaji Mohammed said the state is the
    fifth, after Plateau, FCT, Kwara and Kaduna, to enjoy digital

    ”There is no better evidence of our commitment to rapidly spread the
    massive benefits of digital television to the people of Nigeria…We
    are now at the cruise level of the journey we started in Jos Plateau
    State, in April 2016, as the DSO train has now transversed Abuja,
    Ilorin, Kaduna, to arrive here in Enugu, its latest stop. From here,
    the DSO train will proceed to Osun State, as we continue our rapid
    rollout of digital television across the country,” he said.

    The Minister announced the donation of 100 set-top boxes to Governor
    Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State, while the Governor also announced the
    purchase of 10,000 set-top boxes to be given free to low-income
    households across the state.


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