Fair Hearing: Retired Military Administrator Seeks Audience With Kaduna Chief Judge

    Expressing fears about getting a fair hearing in the court where a matter bordering on defamation of character against him is being heard, former Military Administrator, Colonel John Ubah (rtd) has again, sought audience with the Chief Judge of Kaduna State with a view to reassigning the matter to another Justice.
    He expressed this in a letter dated February 23, 2018, addressed to Hon Justice Tanimu Zailani, The Chief Judge, Kaduna State High Court of Justice.
    In the letter, he appealed to the Chief Justice to reply an earlier correspondence, dated 11th August 2017.
    “Your Lordship, I humbly forward this reminder on my application for audience, dated 29th January 2018, which you have not yet treated as no any response has been received from your office so far.
    “Reference A is dated, 1st August 2017, my action to you. I requested for a formal reply from your office in respect of my application for reassignment of the matter in Suit No KDH/KAD/202/2017 from Court 10 to court 13, while Reference B was your reply to me, confirming the action taken by you,” the letter added.
    Colonel Ubah who is the Chairman/CEO
    En’ Adigwu Petroleum Ltd, said that for the benefit of fair hearing, “I again request my Lord, to urgently consider my application for audience, dated 29th January 2018, and to now fix a date for me to discuss my observations as pointed out based on your interference in the matter, while it was
    before Court 10 and Court 13.”
    He explained that this will give me the confidence of receiving justice in accordance with the rule of law in Court 14 to which the Chief Justice has recently reassigned the matter.
    “Your Lordship Sir, it is in the interest of justice that you exonerate yourself will all my observations due to your interference in this matter and therefore pray you consider Section 36 of the Nigerian Constitution of 1999, as amended, which on Fair Hearing and grant the audience by fixing a date so that all the parties in the matter will meet you in respect of my observations, as failure to do so would simply confirm it to be true,” the letter added.
    He copied the following:
    The President and Commander In Chief.
    The Vice President of Nigeria.
    The President of the Senate.
    The Hon. Speaker, House of Representative.
    The Honorable Chief Justice of Nigeria.
    The Honorable Minister of Justice.
    The Chairman, Presidential Committee Against Corruption.
    The Presiding Judge, Court 14.
    The Chief Registrar, High Court of Justice, Kaduna.
    The Chairman, Nigerian Union of Journalist, Kaduna.
    The Plaintiff Counsel, Chief Chris A. Ekhasemomhe Esq.


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