Amnesty Office Refutes Rumours Of Misconduct




    The Office of the Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta Affairs and Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme said it has noticed the high level of false information, being rumored and circulated on media platforms.


    Mr. Wabiye Idoniboyeobu, Media Consultant to Presidential Amnesty Programme in a statement today said it has become imperative for the office to make clear the following points:


    1. The Amnesty Programme is a security programme, with a very clear responsibility to Disarm, Demobilize and Reintegrate the beneficiaries captured during the Amnesty Pardon Period. We are committed to doing just this notwithstanding limitations and challenges we might face along the line.



    1. The office is aware of the negative media attacks, targeted at the integrity of activities and some personnel of the Amnesty office. We wish to inform the public that the office knows the source of this misconduct and has referred the matter to the appropriate authorities.



    1. The office of the National Security Adviser is currently running an audit on the activities of the office from the inception of the programme. This shows the Federal Government’s commitment to ensuring transparency in the activities of all its parastatals and agencies.



    1. It has been rumored especially on the social media, that hundreds of millions of Naira was found in the bank accounts of some key management staff of the agency, and that huge sums of money have been returned by the staff. For reference purposes, the office is informing the public that the allegations are false, premeditated and targeted at disrupting the activities of the programme. We refuse to be distracted and will continue to focus on our primary mandate, to gainfully reintegrate all beneficiaries of the programme into the society.



    1. It was also rumored that the office has not empowered any beneficiary in Farming and other trades. This allegation is false as all the activities of the office have been transparent and regularly put out on the media for the public to see. Farms, Fish Ponds, Poultries, Tailoring Shops, Auto Repair Shops, Green House Crop farming and many other empowerment packages given to beneficiaries have been ongoing and are easily verifiable.


    The Amnesty office urged the public, especially media platforms to double check information directly linked to the Amnesty Programme, before circulating; as the activities of the office and management of the beneficiaries is a very sensitive task, and rumors of this nature can incite and in turn disrupt the current peace enjoyed in the Niger Delta region.


    The office echoed its commitment to achieving its mandate and support lasting peace in the Niger Delta region.



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