NGO Sues For Afforestation As It Marks World Day

    A nongovernmental and nonprofit organization sponsored by youths under the auspices of Environmental Protection Promoters Initiative (EPPI) has sued for afforestation in Delta State and Nigeria in general.
    EPPI boss, Comrade Sylvester Itimi stated this on Thursday during a picnic held at Isaac Ogbeta centre in Irri, Isoko South local government area of Delta state, organized by EPPI to commemorate the  World International Forest Day, stressing that, “today picnic aimed at celebrating and creating awareness on the importance  of all types of trees in the forest and around us globally.”
    According to Comrade Itimi: ” This year’s International Day of Forest will address the theme “Forest and Sustainable Cities” putting a lot of focus on importance of forests and trees around in our environment in urban and rural areas, regulate temperature, water flows, provide food, nutrients, shelter and how it fosters community cohesion and individual well being.
    “The values of trees are immeasurable to human existence. Trees give us enabling environment and that is why we have been able to gather here under this serene environment. Through the trees and forest around us, we breathe in Oxygen while we give out Carbon di oxide to the trees and forest. EPPI as a team encourage our state government to embark on afforestation along our roads to beautify Delta State.”
    On his part, one of the guest speakers, Comrade David Odeareduo who harps on effect of deforestation said, “Even though we embarked on deforestation for economic value, we should also plant trees to replace the ones that we have fallen down. We should endeavor to plant economic value trees around our vicinity.
    “Forests play a very important role in climate change and biodiversity. Each nation globally is called upon to organize local or national tree planting campaigns in an effort to quench global warming catastrophe.”
    Also speaking, Comrade Jackson Obrogu attributed Agriculture and bush burning to causes of deforestation, stressing that, “We as human cannot do without trees because trees give us sense of belonging and they beautify our environment”.


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