Congress Of Northern  Christians Frowns At Targeted Killings, Lopsided Appointments


    *decries abduction, forceful marriage , conversion to Islam

    The Congress of Northern Nigerua Christians (CNNC) has expressed displeasure over several issues affecting adherents of the religion in Northern Nigeria.
    This was voiced out at a press briefing held at the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Kaduna State Secretariat on Monday March 26, 2018.
    Reading the text of the briefing,  CNNC Media and Publicity Secretary, Larry Yammai also raised concerns over abduction of Christian girls and forcefully converting them to Islam and marrying them without consent of their families.
    “The herdsmen killings are continuing almost on a daily basis across the Middle Bet region and parts of some Southern States of this Country, using very deadly weapons such as AK47, with a high level of impunity. This noxious issue has created some pertinent concern:
    ” It would appear as if a particular group of people are deliberately targeted for destruction. The consistency with which this occurs raises question in the minds of many objective observers,” the group said.
    They said that cattle business is a personal one and so owners of those businesses should take the options of ranching, paying for the lands to be used just like people interested in farming buy lands to farm.
    “CNNC abhors the thought of “cattle colonies” as being suggested in some quarters,” the group stressed.
    The group however, commended and appreciates the recent visits of Mr. President to the affected States in which killings were prevalent.
    “The visit is bound to have a salutary effect on the people who have been devastated by the wanton killings that was visited on them. However the Congress pleads with Mr. President to be practically humane on this matter by what he saw during the short visit and stop this inhuman activities. The sources of the deadly weapons should be checked with the aim of arresting those concerned. The security should confiscate all the weapons and the possessors arrested and persecuted,” they added.
    The group lamented that the Northern landscape is replete with the accounts of kidnappings, forceful adoption, conversion and forced marriages.
    They said that the  Chibok girls and other victims should be released without delay.
    ” It is ironical that the detained terrorists are being released in greater numbers in the name of de-radicalization while their captives are still being held.
    “Preventive measures should be taken to protect all girls boarding schools wherever they may be in the North. While we appreciate the timely government intervention and release of Dapchi Students.
    “CNNC notes with great concern the abduction of yet another set of School girls. While we rejoice that almost all the girls have been released, we are heavily saddened that our daughter, Miss Leah
    Sharibu is been held because of her faith. The truth is very obvious that the destruction project of Boko Haram is very much targeted at Christians. CNNC strongly condemns this evil tendency and urges Mr. President to as a matter of urgency intervene for the immediate release of this young girl.”
    CNNC said that it is not unmindful of the efforts of Government to apply equity in making appointments.
    “CNNC is however dismayed to note that a valuable sector of the populace is being totally ignored as far as it concerns making appointments, civil or political. Qualified and loyal
    citizens from the North who happen to be Christians are often turned away in their legitimate quest for jobs because of their faith.
    “By the same reason, they are denied promotions. This unfair treatment should not have any place in the 21st Century when all nations are seeking for
    quality and experience hands to develop themselves. Northern States Government should please look into this matter and ensure that equity
    prevails in employment practices,” they advised.
    On the elections coming up the group suggested that  the issue of chold voters shoukd be addressed.
    “As the country is gearing itself in anticipation of the next general elections, CNNC is obliged to draw attention to the following salient issues.
    “The security agencies should realign their security architecture so that the fear of the unknown that is usually the catalyst for people to migrate southward from the North and vice versa or to safer areas is checked and brought under control.
    In the event that electronic voting is introduced, there should be an equitable and rigorous run of the new electronic system of voting in all locations particularly the rural areas. There should be no discrimination in giving orientation to potential voters on the use of the electronic voting machines.
    “CNNC condemns the use of Child-voters in the electoral System as was alleged took place in recent elections in Some States. Nothing could be more disgraceful to our Nation than to deliberately indulge ourselves in such despicable practice in the 21-Century. Security agencies should be on the alert and ensure that Child-voters are totally dismantled.
    CNNC  said thatnthat the Nigeria Project should be completely restructured in such a way as to eradicate the ascendency of ethnicity and religion as the basis for administering the Nigeria Project.
    “Restructuring should address and eliminate the national maladies that have afflicted the nation interminably.”
    CNNC applauded the agricultural programme of the Federal Government, while stressing the need to ensure that rural farmers are being genuinely involved and the incentives meant for them are reaching them adequately and promptily.
    “There is also the dare need of research and qualified extension services for the famers to enhance their productivity. In encouraged and motivated to vein, women and youths should be involved in agricultural business. This effort will help to tame and reduce unemployment.
    CNNC said that it places a great premium on the education of children and is therefore concerned about the quality of education being offered and its affordability.
    “There is an urgent need to critically assess the standards obtainable in public schools where so much money is being spent with very little sign of corresponding improvement; private schools have gained ascendency and have worked themselves up and occupy the front-burner of our school system but at a very great expense to parents who could hardly afford the high fees. The situation is untenable and unacceptable,” the group expressed.


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