Pinnacle Communications Chairman Vows To Sponsor Professional Golf At KGC Quarterly

    Chairman Pinnacle Communications, Sir Lucky Omoluwa has vowed to make Kaduna a rallying point for golf in Nigeria, by sponsoring a professional golf tournament every quarter.
    He announced this at the presentation ceremony of the KADINVEST Pinnacle Communications Pro-Am Golf Tournament at the Kaduna Golf Club (KGC) on Friday.
    “Quarterly we would have professional tournaments. From now on, when you mention golf, Kaduna should be mentioned. Whatever I can do to make this club greater than what it is, I would continue to do,” he assured.
    He praised  the Captain of KGC  for setting an enviable standard at the club.
    On why he sponsored the professional tourney, he said that as a former professional himself himself, he looked at it and thought they could do something.
    “Though I Never thought that it would be this big,” he confessed.
    He commended the golf professionals that participated for setting up good standards.
    “I understand the two that played under are brothers. I would say congratulations.
    Let us do everything to support this game,” he said.
    He announced additional N200,000 and N100,000 for winner and runner-up respectively for playing under, while wishing the participants a safe journey.
    “Wish you safe journeys and we hope to welcome you here soon again,” he said.


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