Kaduna: APDA Will Solve Myriads Of Challenges Facing Nasarawa Community, Chairman Assures

     By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna
    If given a chance at the ballots, the Advanced People Democratic Alliance (APDA) will turn around the unfortunate conditions of Nasarawa Community in Kaduna metropolis.
    APDA Chairman Nasarawa Ward, Honourable Barnabas Orduen Donald expressed this in a statement he personally signed and made available to www.authenticnewsdaily.com  on Saturday.
    “The time has come when the people will drop the politics of tribe, ethnic and religion stance and vote people who are willing to represent them and bring democracy to their doorsteps.
    “It is pitiable when one compares the condition of Nassarawa with other surrounding communities. The community has suffered from lack of attention both from the present and the past government,” he said.
    According to the statement, one of the major problems bedeviling the community is the absence of good roads.
    “The road which stretches from UNTL to Nassarawa bus stop and from bus stop to Flour Mill and from bus stop to U/mission has been abandoned.
    “Water supply is another major challenge, the people have resulted to buying of water and at the same time live at the mercy of those who drilled boreholes and offer them water for free.
    Light is another major issue,” he lamented.
    The APDA Nassarawa Ward Chairman emphasized that It’s either the transformers are overloaded or they are spoilt beyond repairs.
    “These above mentioned problems are just few out of enormous challenges facing the community,” he pointed out.
    He however, was optimistic that succour is just by the corridor.
    “With the birth of APDA, we can breath a sigh of relief, it’s time to give APDA a chance to showcase to us what they have in stock for us.
    “We have endured, our parents have endured and we cannot afford to pass on this hardship over to our children and the unborn generations because, they will not forgive us.
    “Let’s give APDA they opportunity to turn things around, let the status quo change for good this time. Let’s leave  good legacies not only to the unborn generation, but also for us who are still alive.
    “APDA has come to stay, therefore, the status quo can no longer be maintained let’s come together to give Nassarawa a new face,” he appealed.


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