Open Letter To Governor Nasir el-Rufai By Comrade Yusha’u Babangida Mando, Igabi LGA

    Dear Governor Malam Nasir el-Rufai,
    I am writing this letter to you out of anger and I am writing it to you on behalf of the Kaduna masses, particularly, the voiceless ones.
    We the indigenous people of Kaduna are angry and we are beginning to question your leadership and style of governance.
     I want to put it on record that we are not envying what happened with regards to the APC primary election, particularly in Igabi and some local Government Areas, but we have every right to protest and fault the process because we were sidelined.
    We were shocked and disappointed to say the least when we heard about it because we didn’t expect such act under your administration. We condemn and frown at it in totality. We couldn’t imagine that an injustice of this nature could happen  under your able leadership.
    Sir, one of the reasons why we voted for you was to sanitize the system and put an end to things like this but unfortunately, things like this have continued to happen under your watch at an alarming rate, and the most painful part of it is your continued silence.
    You are indirectly telling us that, you have interest on some candidates after forgeting the fact that, we all stand for APC and they are all APC aspirants and as such, people in different localities reserve the right and power to choose for the best candidates of their choice.
    We were equally aware of the power you gave to Hon. Yusuf Ibrahim Zailani and Hon. Mamadi, the members representing us. If not the power you gave to them, they wouldn’t have come to use their selfish interests to hijack the process when our choice is entirely different from those candidates they are backing. Sir, we are hereby saying all these happenings  under your watch too, and not to mention the high level of nepotism taking place in your administration.
    Sir, your administration is characterized with high level of nepotism at the detriment of the Kaduna masses that sacrificed a lot and spent hours under the sun to vote for you. Chunks of the votes you got came from us under our political rights but now some selfish people representing us are trying to change APC platform under your watch.
    This is making us doubt your statement that you don’t have interest on any candidate therefore, people should go for their choice. We are beginning to think that you have interest on some candidates otherwise, you wouldn’t have remained silent.
    Giving all political privileges under your administration is becoming or has become a very difficult task for the masses. We are beginning to see your administration to be indifferent from the previous administration. With the way things are going, coupled with your continuous silence, we are no longer sure if you are really sensible to our plight and if you really have us at heart.
    Sir, we are beginning to doubt the confidence we reposed on you. We feel  betrayed, disappointed, sidelined and considered unimportant.
    Sir, we haven’t lost confidence in you yet, but please don’t give us a reason to do so. Don’t give us a reason that would make us regret voting for you. We believe that you can still turn the tide and change things for good.
    All we are asking is for your government to provide a fair level playing ground and give equal opportunities to all people irrespective of our religious, tribal, social and political affiliations.
    I believe we are not asking much, Sir.
    I plead with every Nigerian particularly Kaduna indigenes that come across my letter and have the masses at heart to please share it till it gets to Governor Nasir el-Rufai.
    God Bless Kaduna State and Nigeria at large.


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