Group Slams Senator Bwacha For Calling For Immigration Boss’ Sack

    Authentic News Daily
    A group under the aegis of coalition of civil society has slammed Senate Deputy Minority whip, Senator Emmanuel Bwacha for calling for the sack of the Comptroller General of Immigration, over influx of foreign killers into the country.
    This was expressed at a press briefing in Enugu on Monday, in reaction to a publication of a national daily where the Senator was quoted calling for the Immigration Boss’ sack.
    Reading the text, Signed by himself, Convener
    Comrade Nnamdi Chukwu said that they were shocked by the Senator’s call.
    “We are shocked by the call over the weekend by Deputy Senate Minority Leader,  Emmanuel Bwacha that the Nigeria Immigrations Service boss should be sacked.
    “This necessitated the convergence of civil society groups to outrightly condemn such a call, that sounds like the voice of an enemy if our great nation,” he said.
    Chukwu went on that the call shows that the lawmaker has little or no knowledge of how the country’s borders are manned.
    “This is uncalled for as no patriotic Nigerian would at a  time like this make such a call.
    “We cannot overlook the tendency of Nigerians to blindly attack public office holders, especially to score cheap political gains.
    “We are all too familiar  with a negative perception of reality, where groups and individuals direct their pointless attacks on the wrong set of public office holders deliberately. The question is,  why is this culture of presumption so rampant in Nigeria today?” He queried.
    They pointed out that when an issue arises that is of concern nationally and certain organizations or agencies are perceived as not being up to its task, you would discover that it is a mere misconception.
    “The bitter truth is that as citizens, we generally believe in quick-fix for a system that has been degraded for years; for example, the fight against corruption cannot be won in a day, neither can food shortage as a result of neglect of our agricultural system for years.
    “It logically follows,  that anybody in position of authority can only do his best to address, to the bearest minimum, the decay and delapidation it inherited and so it will be unfair for anyone individual or group to be calling for the removal of the person in authority who only inherited this systemic problem.
    “Even in the United States that has an advanced economy, Donald Trump is still battling with issues inherited from Obama’s administration; same in the UK and other advanced economies, which shows that no government can change a system overnight, it is but a gradual process,” he argued.
    The group went on that it is therefore pertinent for anyone outside the theater of administration or governance to understand how it feels on the inside.
    “I mean that it is easier for somebody watching a game to keep  commenting on the winning options than the players themselves.
    “We therefore, condemn in totality the call from Senator Bwacha. He should concentrate on his legislative duties and allow the Immigration boss concentrate on the task at hand,” the group advised.


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