Oil Company Shut Down By Ex Militants

    Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State
    Niger Delta Ex-militants in a peaceful protest on Tuesday shutdown operations in the Warri Office of Heritage Energy Operational Services Limited as they rejected any attempts by the Company to introduce a Non-Governmental Organization to negotiate with the 111 host communities of OML30, AUTHENTIC  News Daily  reports.
    The Ex-militants chanted solidarity songs and beard placards with inscriptions such as,”No room for NGO,” “We don’t want to negotiate with NGO” and ” Heritage don’t start violence in our communities “before they barricaded the main gate to the oil firm.
    The ex-militants defied every appeal from Security Operatives at the Company’s gate to allow vehicles in and out, insisting that they were there to press home their  demand.
    The protesters maintained that communities should be allowed to discuss with the firm on any issues directly.
    Leader of the Ex-militants, Gen. Odiri Agas warned that any attempts by the oil firm to introduce a third party to negotiate with the host communities would trigger another round of attack on oil facilities in the region.
    Agas opposed the moves by the host communities saying it is,”Modern Slavery.”
    “I am an Ex militant leader phase 1,2,,3 of the amnesty program. We have been protecting the oil facilities in OML 30  if they go ahead to bring a contractor to negotiate with the communities we will reject it. We will withdraw from the oil facilities “.
    ” Since we supported peace in the area you can see that there have been no attack on oil facilities in OML 30. And we want the peace to continue. Heritage don’t bring an NGO to negotiate with our communities “, he warned.
    “I wore white to this place today to show that we want peace. This should not he taken for granted”.
    The Security Manager of the company, Mr Oke Okocha later came to address the protesting ex militants.
    Okocha assured them that the company have heard their demands. ” We have heard your demands”, he said as he shook hands with some leaders of the protest.


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