Outrage In Kadpoly Over Alleged Ethnic, Religious Cleansing Through Sacking Of 5 Staff

    President Muhammadu Buhari
    By; ACHADU GABRIEL, Kaduna
    Suspicion and confusion have  continued to trail the sacking of five staff working with Micro Finance Bank owned and established by Kaduna Polytechnic, located in Kaduna State, Northwest Nigeria.
    The sacking of the five from the bank located within the administrative block of the polytechnic’s main campus is also causing religious stirs within the ranks and files in the institution.
    Investigation revealed that the sacking of the five staff from the bank by Rector, Prof. I. M Bugaje, has religious undertone as all the sacked five allegedly belong to the same religious faith.
    Dependable sources told informed that the rector started making the move in October 2017, some few months after his appointment as Rector under the current federal administration.
    “The Rector started on the 3rd of October 2017. He sacked five Christians. Three of them are from the same state. The driver was the first to be sacked. A widow with three children who returned half a million to the bank, that was left carelessly, was also sacked”, the source revealed.
    Contacted for clarification, the Rector, who is less than a year in office, was absent, but his Personal Assistant, PA, and the Registrar vehemently denied signing any sack letters of any staff recently.
    However, clarifying, in an interview, the Managing Director, MD, of the  Polytechnic Micro Finance Bank, Alh. Umar Jubril, who confirmed the allegations said the five staff were sacked as a result of over staffing, poor performance, idleness, unqualified and circumstances of their recruitment.
    The MD also revealed that the staff sacked were 99 per cent newly employed in the bank alleging that in less than a month, one of them had two queries in his file in the bank, between 2017 and 2018 when the staff and others were engaged.
    He explained that “They created a kind of scenario and probably, what I’m thinking, just to create employment opportunity for people unnecessary.
    “I don’t want to go into other issues which will implicate other people, if not, I could have said one or two things.
    “May be I wanted to  employ staff to create employment because I have  opportunity, not because the bank requires those staff. I don’t want to talk, If I want to talk based on facts we have, I’ll surprise you.” It doesn’t make sense whereby you are performing better before you employ staff after that, your are not performing again because either you’ve employed staff who are not qualified or their output is very minimal or just because you want to give them salary”, he lamented.
    While he agreed that the five staff were properly engaged, and due process was followed, he however stated that due process of disengagement was also followed as their sack was based on the outcome of the  committee set by the board members of the bank, headed  by the Rector, as chairman.
    Accordingly, he said the bank is an autonomous body, an entity and independent body that has a board that decides based on performance, whether to engage or disengage, depending on the indicators and CBN guidelines.
    “They can decide to follow the CBN standard and disengage to make the bank sound. One of the staff disengaged received two queries in less than a month. She was asked not to travel because of work load but insisted that she preferred her journey than work. Some of them were not even confirmed because they were less than a year in office”, he added.
    While he expressed surprise that same exercise was conducted in 2010 when some staff were laid off from the bank, but nobody queried and nobody came to ask, he lamented that “people are trying to use sentiment of tribes and religion.
    The MD who was reengaged into the bank for the second time, revealed that the bank was in shambles as some records were destroyed by staff, adding that they had to spend a whole day organising it by putting things together.
    “I came back five years ago, the records were in shambles, some records were destroyed. The bank was established on 2009, then, it was meeting its target in financial obligations”, he said.
    On why the the sacked victims were not redeployed to other departments in the institution, the MD said though it’s an academic institution, the polytechnic finished recruitment into all departments before the incident.
    All attempts to further clarify the facts from the Rector through his PA were frustrated as he claimed to be engaged.


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