CDHR Slams FG For Not Protecting Rights Of Poor Nigerians

    In commemoration of its 29th year of existence of advocating for the rights of Nigerians especially during the military era, the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR) on Friday stated that the Federal Government of Nigeria is not protecting the rights of the poor people in the Country.
    The Delta State Chapter Chairman of the CDHR,Comrade Prince Kehinde-Taiga made the assertion as in an enlightenment campaign in Warri and its environs.
    Taiga stated that the Nigerian Government has only protected the rights of the rich arguing that,”The Constitution does not separate the right of the rich men from the poor men.”
    While noting that Nigerians are equal before the law, Taiga said,”The Government is not protecting the rights of the poor.
    “The common men are being killed in the Northern part of this Country. Nothing has been in that aspect by the present Administration.
    Taiga who was flanked in the campaign by the immediate past CDHR National President,Comrade Sunny Enenuvwedia said the Federal Government should wake up from its slumber and ensure the rights of every citizen is protected.
    Taiga who reminded the Federal Government that she was elected to protect the rights, lives and properties of every citizen of the Country also stated that,”Those who are killing the people should be brought to book by the Government.”
    Taiga further called on in the Inspector General of Police,IGP Mohammed Khoutoun Idris as well as the Delta State Commissioner of Police,CP Muhammad Mustafa to eradicate police extortion from the State and and ensure that any policeman caught in the act is dealt with in accordance with stipulated laws.
    “CDHR has been in the fore front fighting for the rights of the Nigerian people for the past 29 years right from the military days.
    “The could not it until we bring democracy to stay in Nigeria. Today, we are here to tell the masses their rights. Infringement of fundamental human rights by other Nigerians or by the police.
    The Delta State CDHR Vice Chairman,Comrade Edwin Ogbe who corroborated the claims of his chairman said,”The struggle will not stop until the aim is achieved. Until the less privileged will not be oppressed.
    Ogbe called on persons whose rights are being infringed upon to come under the CDHR umbrella where their rights will be adequately and legally protected.
    Immediate past National President of the CDHR,Comrade Sunny Enenuvwedia stated that the country has not faired well because the organization fought for the freedom of the people from the chains of the military dictator,late Gen. Sanni Abacha.
    Enenuvwedia regretted that the present state of the country is not what the human right organization fought for stressing,”It’s painful.”
    “The past Government failed the country  and the present is trying to re-invigorate the country and work but the people that destroy it refuses to make it work. That’s the reason why this enlightenment campaign is important so that the people should be aware of their rights.
    “The rights we have now,is the right to vote out bad leaders from governance because when you have the righteous on throne, people rejoice but we are not rejoicing because the country is badly destroyed by the past leaders and I do hope that if we can use the opportunity to ensure that we enlighten the people to get their votes in their hands and if they cannot compromise with their votes,we will get the right thing in the right place.”
    On human rights abuses , Enenuvwedia said,”My take on it is that anything that violates the rights of human being irrespective of your status,is wrong and it’s condemnable.”
    Enenuvwedia appreciated the Delta State CDHR Chairman,Comrade Prince Kehinde-Taiga for listening to the voices of reasoning and doing the best he can.
    “I know he has worked well. If what he’s doing is emulated by all the branches of the organization in the State and Nationwide, the sky will be our limit.”
    The theme of the CDHR’s 29th Year enlightenment campaign is “Know your rights as guaranteed by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,1999 as Amended”.


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