There Is New Dawn Of Volleyball In Nigeria – Oghuma.. Warns Coaches Against Sleeping With Female Players

    Coach Tony Oghuma (left) presenting certificate to a participant of the North West Volleyball Coaching Course at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium, Kaduna on Saturday April 28, 2018. Photo: BASHIR BELLO DOLLARS

    There is a new dawn of volleyball in Nigeria that will usher in successful outing for Nigeria at international competitions.

    Resource person, Tony Oghuma gave the assurance while speaking at the closing ceremony of the North West Zone Coaching Course at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium, Kaduna on Saturday.

    “This is a new dawn for volleyball. For several years this is the first time we are having a thing like this and it is because of our President, Eng Nimrod. We will support him until he wins continental title.

    “I Tony Oghuma will not rest until Nimrod wins a continental championship,” he said.

    He said that when Nimrod emerged Nigeria Volleyball Federation (NVBF), he never expected that they would work together.

    “If I was told in my dreams that Engineer Nimrod would work with me, I would have doubted but he recognized and because he wants the best, he came for me,” he said

    In an advice to participants he told them to keep away from their female players.

    “Don’t go for your female players even if they they beautiful and throw themselves at you. They will tempt you but try to resist. If you sleep with them, how can you instill discipline if she comes late for training the next day.

    “I am speaking from experience, if one calls me baby, I will draw others close because it is better for 10 to call me baby,” he said.

    Furthermore, he charged them to go for tall players eo that theu can buikd up better teams.

    “Go for tall players. Short people don’t play this game. Don’t say it is a short person that can set. It is because coaches settled for short players. Go for players that have propensity for growth.

    “I don’t like lazy players and lazy coaches. If you are hard working, even if you are from the border of Cameroon or Chad, I will go for you but if you are lazy, if you are from my village I will not choose you,” he said.

    Oghuma told the coaches that within the four days spent with them, they got him rejuvenated.

    “For the fact I had an audience like you in the last four days, I am a better person.

    “What you have learnt should be used for the children. Don’t throw away your handouts keep them. Adhere strictly to the rules and impart them.

    “Above all, you must be patient with your kids. Not everybody is a fast learner. There are slow learners who may end up lording it over others.

    “As coaches the first thing is to come out there neatly so that the coaches will learn to be neat. Also ensure the kids adhere to time and make sure they meet you. I did it here, I was always the first to come and you saw it here,” he admonished.

    “I will personally miss you, I will call you and monitor you to ensure you excel. When you excel, I will be happy.

    “I want to say thank you. I now take Kaduna as my second home,” he said.

    Fielding questions from newsmen, one of the coaches, Stephen Elisha Yari from Brain Trust International College said that they have been made to realize the importance of developing talents at the grassroots.

    “We were made to understand we have to start from the grassroots. From kids around eight years old so that before they reach 18, they would be completely knowledgeable about the game,” he said.


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