Volleyball Development: We Are Supporting Nimrod To Realize His Dreams – Oghuma

    Tony Oghuma
    In view of the new life that the President of the Nigeria Volleyball Federation (NVBF) is injecting into the sport, lovers of the game of are making sacrifices in ensuring the lofty dreams he has are realized.
    Veteran coach and key resource person for the North West Volleyball 4-day Coaching Course ongoing at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium, Kaduna, Tony Oghuma expressed this while fielding questions from newsmen on the sidelines of the training on Friday.
    “Since 2014, I fought for something like this and we didn’t realize it. Some of us are happy with the innovations we are seeing and are willing to make sacrifices because of Engineer Nimrod so that he can achieve his dreams,” he said.
    Oghuma said that he was impressed with the composure of the coaches attending the course.
    “One good thing is they all seem to like me and have been attentive. They must have seen me as a different person and fallen in love with my way of teaching. I find them quite interesting,” he said.
    He explained that in the course of the training, he makes the participants key in by carrying them along.
    “I make them do it themselves, because they would be the ones to teach the children. I am happy because they are showing enthusiasm,” he added.
    On what he expects from the coaches as they end the course and go back to their respective states, he said that he would want to see them impart effectively what they have learnt to the children they are coaching.
    “The call I have for the coaches is to go and transfer what they have learnt into the children. I also urge them to exhibit exemplary behaviour so that they can serve as role models to their players,” he stressed.
    He said that they should do their best in bringing up players from the grassroots, saying the players would not forget the roles they played in shaping their careers.
    “No single player is made by just one coach. If I make you an international star, I may not have been the one that discovered you at the grassroots,” he explained.
    He praised the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development North West Zone for organising the coaching course, and Engineer Nimrod for sponsoring, while appealing that same be extended to other zonal offices.


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