2019: I Am The Best Candidate To Represent Ughelli/Udu Federal Constituency – Omafuaire

    Comrade Omafuaire


    Comrade Akpokona Omafuaire, the leading Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), aspirant for Ughelli and Udu Federal Constituency has said he is the best candidate to represent his people.

    Omafuaire insisted that having covered the area for over a decade as a professional journalist, he understands the needs of the people.
    He also boasted that his training as a business administrator and a lawyer makes him best fit and proper to represent the people.
    Omafuaire opined that lawyers should be the best people for lawmaking, stresding that why his people have had poor representation is because people who had no legal knowledge have always been sent.
    According to him, “The first criteria ahould be legal knowledge and a vast understanding of the needs of the people.
    “I have covered reports of the underdevelopment of the area despite its huge oil and gas resources. The problem is that those who have been there lack the requisite knowlegde of the pains of the constituents.”
    Omafuaire stated that when given the mandate, he will be a very loud and capable advocate for his people due to his unmatched qualities and pedigree.

    He also promised to be accountable to the people and not be evasive and inept as some of those who  had been there resulting in monumental under performance.



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