2019: Increasing Political Killings In Delta Worrisome (Graphic Image)

    Lifeless body of APC Ward chairman, allegedly stabbed by a yet to be identified assailant.
    The heat is on and  serious crimes are being committed by politicians in Delta State as the forthcoming elections draws nigh.
    One of such crimes was the recent killing of an APC Ward Chairmanship Candidate by politicians in Ughelli South.
    The most surprising matter in the dastardly act was that the victim was allegedly murdered by his own party man.
    The politicians across all parties seem very ready in Delta State to unleash terror on anyone considered as a blockade to their political ambitions.
    In their desperation to cling to power, the Politicians seem ready to kill more of their party men even before the primary elections.
    With the current desperation by politicians, it is clear more party men will still go down six feet into the ground as soon as the primary elections are over.
    The politicians from the various parties in Delta State are already trading words with each other even on national dailies even when the primary elections in their parties have not been conducted.
    Many of them are already wooing some gullible youths with monetary gifts as they patronized thugs in their domains.
    Our findings reveals that the security agencies are not doing enough to checkmate these politicians who sometimes smuggle arms and.ammunitions into the various towns.
    These security agents are sometimes used as “Guards” by the Politicians to the point that they have forgotten their.primary responsibilities of protecting lives and properties as well as ensuring peace, law and.orderliness in the society.

    Although the Delta State Government have continued to preach peace to the various ethnic nationalities, youths and even amongst political parties,there is the belief that the Politicians will do worse than they’re doing if drastic measures are not taken.



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