Media Didn’t Give Me Fair Hearing, Landlord Issued ‘Dud Cheque’ By Tenant Cries Out



    A landlord in Lagos State, Mr. Emmanuel Majuka has revealed how he was issued a dud cheque of about nine hundred thousand Naira by a tenant, Ayoyemi Ayodele Olugbenga and allegedly beaten  up by soldiers under instructions from the tenant.





    Majuka made the revelation in a statement he personally signed, and made available to   AUTHENTIC NEWS DAILY in Warri.





    Majuka who was reacting to the fallacious media reports in some national dailies, dismissed them, saying it was not true, stressing that he was denied fair hearing by the media.




    Majuka noted that Ayoyemi Ayodele Olugbenga did not pay up to the said amount he claimed to have paid to him in the allegations levelled against him just as he tendered a copy of the dud cheque to AUTHENTIC NEWS DAILY.





    Majuka disclosed how the tenant was arrested by the police over some alleged fraudulent activities and taken to Alagbon Police Station.




    Majuka also claimed that Ayoyemi Ayodele Olugbenga and friends of allegedly beat up the agent Domnic Adugu and destroyed his mobile phone before holding him hostage that he must produce him(Majuka) stressing that he is the one who reported them at Alagbon police station.





    Majuka also claimed that the said tenant and.his friend also threatened to beat him(landlord)even more than the way they pounced on the agent.






    According to Majuka,”late in the night the agent was released and he called the landlord and explained everything that has transpired and the landlord advised that he should make a formal report at Ajiwe police station the next day morning and the agent did and immediately the police followed him to the building and met no one at home so they put a call through to Ayoyemi Ayodele Olugbenga who told the police that he will report to the station.”





    Majuka stated that he had already prepared a quit notice for Ayoyemi Ayodele Olugbenga following the threats he and his issued him through the agent.





    Majuka said he went with security personnel and when they got there they called Ayoyemi Ayodele Olugbenga and asked him why he beat up the agent and the threats to the landlord, he started quarreling with everyone and even seized and ruffled the officers Shirt and that was how the trouble started.




    Narrating how trouble started, Majuka said Ayoyemi Ayodele Olugbenga approached the agent,Dominic Adugu on 16 March 2018 for an apartment of which a call was put across to him that Ayoyemi Ayodele Olugbenga pleaded that he intend to make an initial deposit of #900,000.00 and the balance of #305,000.00 will be paid at the middle of the month of March 2018 which he agreed to as they told him that they are pharmacist working with Chevron that their salary usually drops on the 14th of every month.





    Majuka said he insisted that he should drop a postdated cheque to that effect of which they did. Enclosed is the cheque of #305,000.00 dated 19.03.2018.





    Majuka further said that he requested the agent, Dominic Adugu to call Ayoyemi Ayodele Olugbenga on the 21st of  March 2018 that he want to present the cheque back to Ayoyemi Ayodele Olugbenga but the agent said the cheque should not be presented that he will make a cash payment to that effect.






    “After sometime no word from Ayoyemi Ayodele Olugbenga in lieu of the balance so the landlord requested for his number from the agent lo and behold when the landlord dialed his number on his phone it displayed fraudster on true caller and the landlord called and confronted him that you told him that you work with chevron as a pharmacist how come this is what is showing when he dialed your number and Ayoyemi Ayodele Olugbenga started ranting and shouting at the landlord on the phone with his friend reigning all sort of insults and names on his landlord. The landlord then reported the issue to the estate chairman and the estate chairman called Ayoyemi Ayodele Olugbenga to come so they can talk he came and met with the estate chairman and the estate chairman told him that he will be the one to transfer the money to him as soon as he returns everything in his possession (the keys and the agreement) since they are no longer staying there. The landlord did transfer the money to the estate chairman and he called Ayoyemi Ayodele Olugbenga to come for his money but no Ayoyemi Ayodele Olugbenga refused to come and the next thing was an sms from Ayoyemi Ayodele Olugbenga claiming that an Army officer instructed them to move in forcefully even without completing his payment.”



    “On the 10th of April 2018 the aforementioned Access bank postdated cheque was presented at 1st Bank of Nigeria Ikota complex branch, VGC, Lagos and on the 11th of April 2018 the landlord got notified that the account was not funded.






    “After a while Ayoyemi Ayodele Olugbenga and friends started pleading with the landlord that they are sorry for everything and all that they have said and agreed to the fact that they are on the streets.






    “They pleaded that they want to pay the balance #305,000.00 of which the landlord forgived them and on the 23rd of April 2018 Ayoyemi Ayodele Olugbenga paid another #250,000.00 making a total of #1,150,000.00 that he has paid as against the #1,300.000.00 that he claimed he has paid.





    “The landlord called him and told him that he only saw #250,000.00 and Ayoyemi Ayodele Olugbengasaid he was sorry thatb his tyres went bad and that he had to buy another tyre which was not planned for and that he will make up the balance next week and the landlord agreed.





    Majuka also noted that Ayoyemi Ayodele Olugbenga’s arrest has nothing to do with the landlord as he claimed based on investigation conducted by the Alagbon Police Station.






    Majuka also pointed out that there was no robbery incident since the tenants moved into the apartment in March this year.





    He stressed that,”Lekki Palm City Estate has estate security that works 24hrs. You can confirm this assertion from the estate chairman, Mr Kennedy.




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