German Experts Proffer Solution To Nigeria’s Power Problem

    Power generating panel

    By; EDEM DARLINGTON, Calabar

    A team of German professionals and experts in the power sector have said that the precarious and persistent power problem in Nigeria can be solved with the right technology, political will and right system in place.

    Josef Boehm,  Executive Director, Digital New Systems,  (DNS) said this in Calabar while speaking with AUTHENTIC News Daily.

    According to Mr. Boehm, “today the world is talking about green energy and that is what we are bringing to Nigeria. There are a lot of problems associated with generating sets as alternative energy sources. That is why our system is different, safer and cost effective”

    He said the need to contribute their quota to the solution of the  power problem in Nigeria led them to establish the technology in the Ayade Industrial Park in Calabar.

    The German said, their mission was to light up Nigeria beginning with Cross River State.

    “We want to light up Nigeria but we are beginning with Cross River State. It is a lot more easier and effective to begin here because Calabar is smaller when compared to Lagos. Lagos has more population than Calabar, so the energy need there is a lot higher”

    Mr. Boehm said they were in Calabar to use the Ayade industrial park as a test run to showcase their sophisticated energy technology in solving Nigeria’s problem in that sector.  maintaining that the company, digital new systems has what it takes to light up Nigeria and make life much more meaningful.

    “Security is very important, for businesses to thrive and you cannot talk about security if you don’t talk about light”

    Joachim Pleier, head of technical operations said the nation’s  power problem lies in her very little supply with much more heavy demand for bigger load.

    Not withstanding, he maintained that their company has the capacity to handle it.

    He advocated for more than one power source as cardinal principle to reliable energy in the country.

    “All over the world, there is no country where there is only one source of energy. It is usually alternated, you have hydro power, solar, etc. You cannot depend on only one source of energy for a country as big as Nigeria. So what we offer is a powerful led energy with over 25 years guarantee”

    Mr. Pleier said so far, DNS has trained many Cross Riverians on the technicalities of the system, with about 15 young people currently in their employ.

    He said the company is deliberate on its knowledge transfer design because, they want to train the local people and afterwards allow it for them to run it.

    Digital New Systems Future group is a renewable energy and  consultancy company in Nigeria with headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.

    It manufactures internet enabled digital LED panels and photovoltaic light system good enough to power street light, parks etc.

    The company is currently installing about 2megawatt at the Ayade Industrial Park.


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