Media Practitioners  Can Earn Decent Incomes,  Maiyaki Says As AMDF Holds 2018 Clinic 

    Some participants at the AMDF 2018 media clinic


    A lot of opportunities  are available  for media  practitioners  to earn decent incomes from if they do their  jobs diligently  and professionally. 

    A media consultant,  Ahmed Miyake stated this,  while speaking  at the 2018 Africa Media Development  Foundation ) AMDF)  Media Clinic held at the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ),  kaduna Council Secretariat on Thursday May 24, 2018.
    Maiyaki, who was the Director General Media and Publicity  to former Kaduna State  Governor, Mukhtar Ramalan  Yero  said that he has turned down several  consultancy jobs.
    “There are several  non governmental  organizations in the North  East,  especially  Maiden urine looking for  communications  consultants.  Personally  I  have  linked not less  than seven journalists  there  up for consultancy, ” he said.
    Speaking  information the clinic with a theme: The Media &  Ethical Reporting,  praised the present  Kaduna  State  Government  for abolishing  the monthly  honorarium  handed out to journalists  in the state.
    “When I came on board as DG media under Governor  Ramalan  Yero,  I was mulling  cancelling the honorarium  given out monthly,  but colleagues  went to my boss and he said that I  should  continue  with it even though it was against  my conscience,” he said.
    He charged Kaduna  based journalists to adhere to ethical  standards when doing their reports,  to avoid harassment and intimidation.
    Maiyakl  frowned at the non payment  of salaries to journalists  by some media houses,  with some owing up to two years salaries.
    He charged  media  practitioners  to make their plight known.
    “We can March to the National  Assembly.  Once we take the lead,  others will follow.
    “The  owner of This day Newspapers  went to South Africa to establish,  he taught it is business  as usual  by not paying  salaries.  He was taken  to court,  compelled  to sell his property  and pay the workers, ” he added.
    He commended AMDF for  putting  up the media  clinic,  while calling on support for the foundation.
    In her remarks,  AMDF coordinator,  Sekyen  Dadik  said that she was happy  about the success  of the clinic.
    She explained  that the foundation  has been  hosting the clinic  for the past  four years  without  any support.


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