Chevron Hands Over Learning Centres To 10 Delta Schools

    CNL hands over Chevron DLA to 10 schools.
    In its efforts to improve the socioeconomic situations in communities and countries where its operates, Chevron Nigeria Limited in partnership with Chevron Corporation on Thursday  handed over the Chevron-Discoverer learning Alliance, (DLA)  learning centre Initiative to ten primary schools in Delta State.
    The benefiting schools are in Warri South, Okpe, Uvwie and Warri South-West Local Government Areas of Delta State.
    In address, the General Manager, Policy, Government & Public Affairs,Mr. Esimaje  Brikinn said the Chevron- DLA project in Delta State is to improve the educational opportunities for children and communities through school-based learning centers.
    Brikinn who said other goals for the projects includes the improvement of students learning and motivation, increase of teacher’s effectiveness  and increase of parent/ community involvement in schools
    Brikinn stated: “Ten selected schools have been provided with two(2) television sets and DVD players each. One for teachers to preview content and plan lessons and others for classroom use. Numerous teacher- training workshops have been carried out, giving teachers a comprehensive introduction to the use of educational videos in the classroom.
    “Two workshops have also been held for community members, to expose them to the project, gain their buy-in and explain their expected roles. In addition, DLA trainers also undertook weekly support to each school. All these have been critical to improving teaching practices and the classroom learning environment.”
    Handing the project over to the school, Brikinn said the educational videos, DVD players as well as the television sets used for the project will remain with the schools to support the continuity and sustainability of the project.
    Brikinn congratulated the Staff and.pupils of the 10 schools who have benefited from the project.
    “I hope the equipment will be properly maintained to continue to serve the purpose for which they have been given to your schools.
    Brikinn said the company is celebrating the program  completion of the 10 schools which has benefited from the Chevron- DLA learning Centre Initiative in Delta State.
    “We truly appreciate the support of the State Government, through the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, for this project over five years.
    ” We also appreciate our implementing partners,Discovery Learning Alliance (DLA), and other stakeholders for making the completion ceremony of today a reality. It’s been five years of hard work but it is gratifying that the hard work has led to success.
    “Chevron has an unwavering commitment to the development of education, health delivery and economic development in its areas of operations and beyond.
    ” Over the years, our programs have focused on building human and institutional capacity. In addition to the infrastructural development which we have sponsored directly and through the Global Memorandum of Understanding,GMoU with Communities around our operational areas.
    “In keeping with our values,for this program, Chevron Corporation has partnered with DLA to enhance the level of education in our schools. Partnership is at heart of our Social Investment Initiatives. Through our partnerships, we leverage our own and our partners expertise l, skills, technical knowledge resources to add value to the lives of the people in the communities around which we operate.”
    In a speech, former Head Teacher of Ogunu Primary School, Lady Shola Abigor commended Chevron for the gesture stressing that,”Not only that they brought in large and small TV sets for both teachers and.pupils, power generating set and.other gadgets to ensure everything was in order.
    “The video rooms were reinforced with burglary proofs to keep rogues at bay. These no doubt, cost huge cash in these critical times. We can only continue to pray that God gives CNL the strength to do more society even as we appeal to other companies operating in this environment to emulate CNL in their corporate social responsibility package.”
    Elder(Mrs.) Alice Nwosika said the project is the best thing that has ever happened to Delta State.
    “The popular saying that the world is a global village is proven through this project. It really brought the world into the classroom and significantly improve the rate of learning.”

    Nwosika said the advantages of the project cannot be o deemphasized with the population explosion in schools where these facilities are available , it stimulates the interest of the pupils to learn  amongst others.


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