Stop Creating Confusion In Our Party, APC Warns Taraba Defectors



    The  APC Youths Renaissance has frowned at the sustained media war waged against the successful conduct of APC State Congress in Taraba State by some PDP defectors known as ‘Unity Group.’

    In a statement signed by the National Secretary, APC Youths Renaissance, Mr. Collins Edwin,  the party warned them not to take the magnanimity of the leadership of their great party for granted because it accepted them in to its fold unconditionally.

    “Hence, the statement emanating from the Publicity Secretary of the group, Mr. Aaron Artimas suggesting that there was confusion in our last state congress in Taraba State is the height of mischief making and disinformation that is too big for the party to swallow or tolerate.

    “From the start of the Congress, the leadership of the party has suffered so much insults, vituperations and mudslinging because some defectors are hell-bent on doing the bid of their paymasters in the party.

    “It will be recalled that the national secretariat of the party had warned political desperados in its fold that parallel congresses would not be accepted in any form and subsequently stated that only congress results submitted by the Congress Committees Chairman sent from Abuja to conduct congresses would be recognized.

    “In lieu of this, the Taraba State Congress Committee headed by General Danjuma Dambazau declared Alhaji Abdulmumini Vaki as the duly elected Chairman of our great party in the sate.

    “As a result, when asked about the existence of any parallel congress, Mr. Dambazau replied that “he was not aware of the conduct of any factional congress in the state.”

    “Therefore, we found the claims attributed to the spokesman of the PDP defectors known as ‘Unity Group’ as not only laughable, but also injurious to the conscience of our great party as well it’s determined goal to capture Taraba State next year.

    “Haven failed in their bid to thwart Taraba State Congress by terrorizing Congress Committee Members sent from Abuja through the use of heavily armed thugs, the PDP defectors have now turned around to claim that there was parallel congress in Taraba State!

    “If there is anything we have deciphered from the antics of these PDP defectors whom we discovered are heavily funded by the PDP State Government in Taraba State, it is the fact that the group is trying hard to justify the billions of naira given to them to create crisis for APC in the state so as to weaken it before the governorship election in the state next year.

    “Since we exposed that plot last week, the group has resorted to the use of negative media propaganda against the leadership of our great party.

    “Let it be noted for the umpteenth time that no amount of blackmail, false accusation or political terrorism by any group or their sponsors can stop the APC from forming the next government in Taraba State next year.

    “We therefore urge the national secretariat of our great party as well as other well meaning members and supporters of the party not to be perturbed by the rantings of these PDP defectors sent to destroy our party.

    “They are simply, a group of gold-diggers who want to reap from where they did not sow,” it stated.


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