It Is Dangerous  To Allow Spilling Of Blood Of Christians,  Fani-Kayode Tells Buhari,  el-Rufai 

    President Muhammadu Buhari
    Former Minister of Aviation,  Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has told the Federal and Kaduna State governments that it is very dangerous for  them to allow the blood of innocent  Christians to be shed without  taking action to halt same.
    He stated this amidst cheers and a thunderous applause at the funeral  ceremony held for the late Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN),  Reverend Musa Asake held at the Kafanchan Township Stadium in Southern Kaduna on Friday.
    “What will the body of Christ do in Nigeria today,  faced by so many challenges. I am glad my elder brother is here,    the representative of the Federal Government,  Chief Audu Ogbe.
    “And I  wish to express this today by saying to him and the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the governor of this state and those in power and authority that one of the most dangerous things that anybody can do is to continue to sit by and allow the blood of Christians to be shed.
    “You see, we are here mourning a great soul of the body of Christ but we are alive. There are many that have been slaughtered in their homes. That are being slaughtered everyday.
    “They are no longer alive. It’s not a joke to them. Their families are suffering and are  in mourning everyday and it happens everyday. And I  ask my  elders  and I  ask my fathers,  how long will this go on?
    “You talk about Fulani herdsmen,  cattle rearing. You talk about people that go about from community to community. Burning homes,  killing our parents,  killing our women and killing our children and doing all manner of things to offend the living God in the name of Islamization.
    “That is a fact. And I  have no fear,  I will say it anytime, anywhere.  Nigeria can never be Islamized.  Nigeria Can never go down.  Nigerian Christians can never,  never be intimidated.
    “And our sense of restraint is not a sign of weakness. It is because we fear our God and we love humanity.
    “And  I  urge every leader,  every Christian,  every believer,  in our great country to continue to be restraint. To continue  to continue to pray and most importantly, to continue to be strong. This shall not last,  it shall come to pass.
    “The people of the Middle Belt have suffered  immeasurably over the  years,  since this country was conceived,  even before this country was established. I want to tell you this. I come to you with good tidings today.
    “I  am from the South  and proudly so,  though  I live in the North,  but  I  tell you this.  You  are  no longer alone.  The South West,  the South East,  the South South,  the Middle Belt,  we are one. And we shall march together as one against the common oppressor and he that  seeks to  enslave us all.
    “To  Christian Association of Nigeria, and those of you who have done well for the body of Christ.  I say  may God continue to use you mightily.
    “And I  call on Southern  and Northern Christian  leaders,  great men like Prophet T.B. Joshua,  Bishop Oyedepo,  and others to rally around and stand firm to support CAN and support the Christmas Elders Forum and support every single Christian in this country,  and protect them from the evil that seeks to pursue our land.  God bless you,  God bless every one of us,  God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria, ” he said.


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