Savannah  Conference Volleyball League: No Player Would Be Allowed To Play Without A Licence

    Some coaches and referees at the Savannah Conference volleyball League technical session at Kaduna on Saturday June 23, 2018.

    By KATO P. LADAN,  Kaduna

    No player would be allowed to play in the Savannah Conference  of the  Nigeria Volleyball Federation  (NVBF), League, which action is to commence on Sunday  at the Umaru Musa Yar’Adua Indoor  Sports Complex,  Murtala Mohammed Square,  Kaduna.

    Chairman  Control  Committee,  of the Savannah  Conference League,  Martins Melandie expressed this while reeling out the rules of the competition at the Media Center,  Ahmadu Bello Stadium,  Kaduna  on Saturday  evening.

    “Before  every  match,  we will  check.  We will  not  condone double registration of players and any player without licence will not be  allowed to play.

    “Right now  I have received  a complaint  that  a player  registered  elsewhere.  If we find  out the club did it intentionally,  the club will  pay fine of N50,000 and the player would be disqualified.

    “If you have any such players,  keep them aside and don’t feature them,” he warned.

    Speaking further,  he warned that they will  not tolerate any acts of indiscipline or damage of property.

    “If you are  not satisfied  with an officiating,  the rules have given you  opportunity to protest.  Let’s follow due process bin protests,” he advised.

    Melandie,  who is  also the Technical  Director  of the NVBF appealed to the  referees to be fair  in officiating.

    “For the referees,  we have come this far and will not want  unfair  officiating,” he pleaded.

    On the format that would be adopted  for  play,  he said it would be based on  home and away basis.

    “We will  play round robbin against the home  and away  fixtures. We will use the Murtala  Square  for all the matches. With eight matches played each day. Whistle time is 7am. Which means teams and officials should be in the hall, 30 minutes  before that time,” he stressed.

    Still on discipline,  he vowed that only the internationally recognized rules of FIVB will be administered.

    “Coaches must be properly dressed,  if not they  can’t sit on the bench.  If the head coach is wearing  suit,  other officials  must also wear  suits.  If he takes off his  suit during the  game,  all others must also take off theirs. Jerseys must  be properly  numbered,” he warned.

    Explaining on how  sports  will be recorded  for teams,  he explained that it would not always be winner takes all.

    “If you  win your  game 3-0 or 3-1 you get three points.  If you win 3-2, you get  two points  and the opponents  get one point,” he declared.

    Draws were held at same meeting,  for  teams to know their  opponents.

    At the end of the week-long league,  eight out of the 16 male and female  teams  will qualify for the  national  finals,  where they will  battle the  best  eight from the Atlantic Conference.

    The best four male and equal  number of female teams are expected to  qualify.


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