Child Spacing Media  Forum  Harps  On Need  For  Training,  Retraining  Service  Providers 

    Member of the Child Spacing Media Forum on June 29, 2018.


    The issue  of training  and retraining  of service providers in child  birth  spacing took  the centre  stage of the Child  Birth Spacing  Media  Forum meeting in Kaduna  on Friday,  June  29, 2018.

    The meeting  frowned  at several  cases  of failed  child  spacing,  and the negative  impact  it is having  on the campaign  which  the forum  is championing.

    An example  of a client  who was accessing  the service  at the Sabon Tasha  General  Hospital located  within Kaduna  metropolis was discussed,  where  a client who was on ‘child  spacing ‘ took in six months  after  being  delivered  of a baby.

    She was said to  have experienced  bleeding shortly after the insertion of  one of the methods of child  spacing.

    When she was said to have visited the  hospital  in Sabon  Tasha and complained  of bleeding,  the service provider  told  her it was normal,  without providing  any  treatment  or even checking her.

    “Training of those to handle  the clients  required and it costs  money.

    “If you  are sending  a service  provider to go and supervise,  who takes  care  of the transportation, accommodation  and other  logistics? ” a member of the forum  said.

    The forum noted  that it was important that service providers from the  530 service  points  for family planning in the state are trained  and retrained.

    Similarly,  the forum was unhappy  that consumables procured for child spacing by the Kaduna State Government are yet  to  be distributed  because  no funds  were budgeted to  distribute them.

    The forum which is committed to promoting maternal and child health meets last Friday of every month.


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