Islamiya College Patigi: School Where Students Learn In Uncompleted Buildings

    ceilingless and floorless classroom also used as exam hall.


    Civil society group the Elites Network for Sustainable Development (ENetSuD) has lambasted the Kwara state government over the shameful status of government schools across the state.

    As part of its mandate to keep an eye on the activities of the state government and bring government attention to areas of public interest that need immediate government attention, the group’s team of  investigators paid a visit to Islamiyyah College, Patigi so as to assess the current situation of the public school established on the 15th of February, 1982 and currently has about 650 students. Our findings are as summarized below:

    1. The JSS section has about twelve (12) teaching staff (including the principal) and only one non-teaching staff (bursar). The SSS section has about twenty two (22) teaching staff and eight (8) non-teaching staff. There are however insufficient number of teachers in some major subjects as follow: English (0), Maths (3), Biology (1), Chemistry (2), Physics (2), Agric (1), geography (1), literature (1), Arabic (1), Government
    (3), Accounting (1) and Economics (2).

    2. A 2-classroom block has been abandoned for long time by a Federal legislator who is serving his 3rd time in the House of Representative (Hon. Aliyu Ahman Bahago Patigi). Because of its long term abandonment, many parts of the building have fallen apart, leading to these 2 small uncompleted structures without anything joining them together

    3. Uncompleted Chemistry and Physics laboratories were converted to classrooms that are currently occupied by JSS 2A and SSS 1C students. This chemistry lab-turned classroom is unfit for learning, as the
    floor has not yet been cemented.

    4. Uncompleted MDG project of a block of 3-classrooms are occupied by the SSS 3A, 3B, and 3C.

    5. There is still an uncompleted project of Administrative block that had been abandoned for about 20 years. Because of this, the staff members of this school are staying in an adjacent private property of
    a member of the community who is late.

    6. There is no examination hall in the school for SSCE and other exams. So, they always use the three (3) classrooms that are occupied by JSS 2A, 2B, and 2C, which do not have ceilings and concrete/cement floor.

    7. This is a classroom converted into a multipurpose store. The science equipment is scanty, most of which are broken or non-functional. The equipment is mixed with a lot of abandoned
    roofing sheets, pipes, windows, cupboards, empty cartons, etc

    8. There is another classroom (near SSS 2C) converted into a Science Multipurpose Laboratory. Most of the liquid chemicals have turned to water. Most of the solid or powdered chemicals can be likened to chalk. Most of the shelves, cartons and bottles are empty. Some of the desks and stools are also in bad shape.

    Positions of ENetSuD

    We commend the government on the number of teaching staff in this school. However, we strongly call on the government to recruit at least two English Teachers for this school. Recruitment of teachers into other subjects with inadequate number of staff is also highly recommended.

    We also call on the government to urgently complete all the abandoned projects (classrooms, administrative blocks and laboratories) in the school so as to enhance learning.

    We shall continue to call government attention to their abandoned responsibilities so as to promote good governance in Kwara state.

    Dr. Abdullateef I. ALAGBONSI, ACPA, Ph.D.


    Multipurpose lab


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