El-Rufai Planning To Islamize Christian Areas, Congress Of  Northern Nigerian Christians Alleges

    Governor Nasir el-Rufai

    By KATO P. LADAN,  Kaduna


    Congress Of  Northern Nigerian Christians (CNNC)  has slammed  Governor Nasir el-Rufai for recent  designation of Christian dominated  areas as Emirates.

    This was expressed in a statement signed by the Media and Publicity Secretary, Larry Joseph Yammai

    “CNNC underscores the continued inability of the Kaduna State Governor, H.E. Nasir El-Rufai, to properly manage the fragility of the state.

    “The governor’s recent decision to re-designate 4 chiefdoms to emirates is not only a deliberate act of violating the common identity and heritage of the said chiefdoms but a blatant attempt at Islamization in Lere, Kagarko, Kajuru and Kauru. CNNC in the strongest term condemns this action and asks that the status quo of the said Chiefdoms be maintained as it will appear that he has just succeeded to sowing some seeds of discord that could bear catastrophic fruits in the future,” it stated.

    CNNC noted with growing concerns the rapidly deteriorating security situation across the nation particularly in the North.

    “Despite the acclaimed government responses at various tiers CCNC is worried that certain stakeholders are still firing the embers of discord.

    “CNNC therefore condemns the recent call by Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) that the Adamawa 5 “must die”. It would be recalled that an Adamawa state High Court siting in Yola recently condemned to death by hanging namely Alex Amos, Alheri Phanuel, Holy Boniface, Jerry Gideon and Jari Sabagi.

    “It is horrifying that despite the liberty of the defendants to file an appeal to a higher court of competent jurisdiction MURIC has foreclosed that process by its extra-judicial pronouncement.

    “It cannot be said that MURIC acted in ignorance but deliberate mischief. CNNC therefore unequivocally denounces this recent action by MURIC. CNNC also calls upon the body to immediately withdraw its provocative statement on the Adamawa 5,” it stated.

    CCNC said that it is also concerned about the impunity of the recent proposal by the Federal Government to implement the “National Livestock Transformation Plan” without any form of consultation with the various stakeholders particularly in the farming communities where CNNC membership is prevalent.

    “CNNC wonders with amazement how for instance the “Humanitarian Relief Pillar” contained in the proposal include “rebuilding and reconstructing worship places” including “personal homes”. Is this a veiled attempt at fostering a particular religion or ethnicity over others in a government sponsored enterprise solely benefitting pastoralists?

    “This particular concern of CNNC is not unconnected with the antics of the Buhari led administration to elevate the economic and other primordial interests of wandering cow herders over and above that of sedentary farmers in parts of the North where Christians are in the majority. CNNC strongly feels the Federal Government has compromised its neutrality and must retrace its steps.

    “The fact that a Northern Christian who is reported to be a technical adviser to the National Economic Council was the lead presenter of the proposed plan does not impress CNNC. Consequently CNNC calls upon its membership to remain vigilant that they may not be used to act against the collective interest of any of our Brethren.

    “CNNC has also noted that among the ten pilot states chosen to “benefit” from the plan to be implemented in a total of 94 locations are those in the North particularly Benue and Taraba states that have existing laws that have direct implication with what the Federal Government is proposing yet the immediate stakeholders and political leadership in these states were reportedly not consulted,” it stated.

    CNNC  also noted with shock the most recent spiral out of control of the security situation in Plateau State  despite the longstanding presence of the Operation Safe Haven security operatives there.

    “This latest round of violence CNNC notes has all the hallmarks of being a premeditated crisis deliberately timed to sabotage farming activities on the Plateau and other Christian dominated areas.

    “The lack of concrete and definite steps on the part of the Federal Government smacks tacit approval of the pogrom taking place.

    “This latest round of violence forces the issue of the capacity or the willingness of the present administration at the center to meet the security challenges of the country. The conflict management credentials of Mr. President are therefore questionable,” it said.

    CNNC further said that it is utmostly concerned that its teeming membership are at the receiving end of the serial cluelessness of the present Buhari administration.

    “It is in that vein that CNNC once again calls upon President Muhammadu Buhari to embark on a complete overhaul of the top echelons of Nigeria’s security architecture for better results since massive loss of lives have become virtually daily and unstoppable.

    “CNNC would want to remind Mr. President of the outstanding issue of the 112 Chibok Girls still in captivity and the case of Leah Sharibu,” it stated.

    CNNC also noted with consternation that these Herdsmen attacks on mostly Christian dominated enclaves have the grand signature of a well calculated, oiled and administered tactical masterpiece to completely sack our members from these areas so that they could be disenfranchised come the 2019 elections.

    “When these communities have been over-ran and occupied by these terrorist elements and the government appears helpless or unwilling to exert the big stick, it all becomes crystal clear that 2019 is one of the game plans that is at play. How could one explain the lack of will and zeal in the government to checkmate the activities of this murderous group?

    “The president must be reminded, as it appears he is not aware, that he is the president of the country and not of a particular tribe or religion. He cannot defend these killer bunch by telling us that they carry no AK47s but mere sticks. The news coming from the military on the arrest of the Plateau attackers says the contrary,” the statement said.

    In conclusion, CNNC called upon all its membership to remain vigilant and prayerful for the leadership of the body.

    CNNC also wished to call upon all Northern Christians to continuously add their various voices to national issues.

    Congress of Northern Nigeria Christians (CNNC) is a registered body of all the Christians in the 19 Northern States and the FCT with a very virile and active membership.



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