Our Life Skills Building Self Esteem In Adolescents – NURHI

    State Team Leader Kaduna NURHI,  Dr. Kabiru Abdullahi speaking at the LPAY sensitization workshop for journalists  in Kaduna on Tuesday July 17, 2018.

    With the continuous increase in peer pressure  making adolescents and young adults  engage in things they would not do if better informed,  the Nigerian  Urban Reproductive Health Initiatives (NURHI) is providing  life skills  that would  build their self esteem  and prevent them from succumbing to such pressures.

    State Team Leader Kaduna NURHI,  Dr. Kabiru Abdullahi expressed  this in his remarks  at the LPAY sensitization workshop for journalists  in Kaduna on Tuesday July 17, 2018.

    “Just like in some climes,  peers  tell the others that if you don’t  have gonorrhea,  you are not man enough.  Those old perception  is what  we are set to  change.  The old order that to be masculine is that you have to go all out and conquer  girls.  Life skills  help you  to manage  the attraction  you feel  from the opposite  sex.

    “If they are together,  because  of pressure  of experimenting,  they can make mistakes

    “Life skills  tell you how to overcome  such peer pressure,  how to say no,  how  to build  on your self esteem  by not allowing  peers  to make you do things you don’t  want to do.,” he said.

    The team leader explained  that the  constitution recognizes that below 18 you are a minor,  above 18 adult, hence, they provide  information  to minors on,  while information  and services  are provided  to young  adults.

    “We also have a large  number of married  adolescents.  But those between 15 to 17 years  are considered  minors.  We have large  numbers  of adolescent  that are brought in to access  child  birth  spacing  services.  They can’t  access  service without  consent of a guardian.

    “While the provision is to provide  information  for minors,  they can only  be provided  services with a guardian.

    “The second  age group,  18 to 24, constitutionally they can access services  without a guardian or parent.

    “NURHI  is providing information for people that are minors  and information and services  for those  that are adults,” he said.

    He explained  that they harp on abstinence,  teaching of life skills  that gives  them opportunity  to say ‘not  now’ when approached  for sex.

    ” Issues  of attraction  occur between  both sexes  at a very age and how to relief  of pressure from peers.

    “However,  if you make mistakes,  how you can go about  it.  If you know  the number  of women  that die form abortion  from quacks,” he added.

    He pointed  out that life planning  takes  precautions  right  from puberty.

    “We are interested  in that window where a lot of young people  make mistakes,  but if they make mistakes,  they would  know where to go to correct it.  When a young man makes mistakes,  he goes on with his life,  but when a girl makes mistakes,  it may  go on into the next generation,” he added.

    He advised  that in dealing  with adolescents, you need  to actually  listen to them  and get part of solutions  from them.

    “You have to make them your friends  and come to their age,  be one of them and correct them.

    “Raising an adolescent at this age is not easy.  You have to be close to the child otherwise you will lose them to someone  who is brainwashing  them,” he added.

    He further  advised that if you come into contact  with young people,  try to understand  them first before  attempting to influence  them.


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