Abuja Based Church Blasts Pentecostal, Says They’ve Derailed

    Palace of Priests
    An Abuja based Church, the Palace of Priests Assembly on Tuesday lambasted Pentecostal Churches in Nigeria saying they have derailed from their mandate.
    The Church stressed that the Pentecostal Churches¬† now centres on “prosperity, materialisms and individualisms.”
    General Overseer of Palace of Priest Assembly, Pastor Otive Igbuzor made the assertion at the South-South, South-East launch of the “Shun Corruption Project and Capacity Building for Christian Leaders on Christianity and Corruption” organized by the Priests Peace and Justice Initiative,PPJ in Warri.
    The Cleric who spoke at the ongoing three days programme said,”Since the emergence of Pentecostal church in the 20th century, the social-dimension of the church has decreased.
    Igbuzor noted that,”There is public perception that Pentecostal Churches are now interested in prosperity, materialisms and individualisms as against its social-dimension which are: poverty, humanitarian crisis, election, leadership and corruption.”
    Igbuzor said the purpose of the launch was to inculcate the core values of the church which includes, preaching poverty, humanitarian crisis, election, leadership and corruption on the Pentecostal church leaders.
    He urged christians to participate actively in the 2019 general elections as well as vote against corrupt politicians.
    Igbuzor stated that the reason the President Muhammadu Buhari’s Anti-Corruption crusade has not recorded remarkable success is because of the non-involvement of Christians and other faith leaders.
    He argued that Christian and other faith leaders have the capacity to influence their members.
    He also attributed the prevailing corruption in the country to greed and wickedness by those in authority.
    “Part of the reasons why the fight against corruption has not been working is because the Christians and other faith leaders have not been involved.
    “Christian leaders have the capacity to influence their members, if they are really committed on the need to fight corruption, they have a lot of influence on their members.”
    “With this project, we are looking forward to how Pentecostal church will be interested in issues of justice, poverty, corruption and also able to mobilise their members on the pulpits to shun corruption.
    “The overreaching goal of the project is to mobilise Christian leaders and workers to join the fight against corruption in Nigeria”


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