Shehu Sani, Hunkuyi, La’ah Prevented Infrastructural Development – Kaduna Restoration Group Insists

    Senator Shehu Sani
    By KATO P. LAFAN, Kaduna

    Kaduna State’s three Senators, Shehu Sani (Central), Suleiman Hunkuyi (North) and Danjuma Laah (South) prevented Kaduna State from witnessing excellent infrastructural development by frustrating the bid for a well deserved World Bank loan.

    The Kaduna Restoration  Group  expressed this  in a press briefing in Kaduna on Thursday,  anchored  by its Chairman,  Auwal Ali Tafoki and Secretary, Muhammed Lawal Shehu.

    ” The three Senators from Kaduna State, two of whom were supposedly APC, played a greater role in scuttling the Kaduna State’s bid to obtain a World Bank loan that would have seen the state witnessing an excellent infrastructural and human capital development. They couldn’t have done a better job!” Restoration Group said.

    The group said that the recent developments within Nigeria’s political landscape especially defections by some All Progressives  Congress  (APC) Senators and governors, did not come to it as a surprise.

    “It has vindicated our earlier assertion that the previous leadership of the Kaduna Restoration Group was gearing towards the dismemberment of the APC, which majority of us do not suscribe to,” they said.

    The group boasted that in spite of the gale of defections from the ruling All Progressives  Congress  (APC)  to the main opposition Peoples  Democratic Party (PDP),  the new  said those defecting are insignificant.

    “We are happy  that the APC’s primary  source  of votes,  the masses,  has remained  intact and reports  from our strongholds indicate that their support  is still unshakable and have equally vowed that come 2019, God’s willing,  it is going to be another opportunity  to demystify  the so-called  power brokers in the country, ” the group  said.

    They said that the recent defection is merely a formality.

    “Right from the beginning of the 8th Senate, they have been obstructing President Buhari’s government, delaying federal budget, stalling confirmation hearings and obstructing executive requests.

    The group further suggested that it is now apparent that many of those who defected, joined the party when it was evident that it was coasting to victory.

    The group therefore, called on the federal and Kaduna State governments to remain focused and not distracted by efforts to destabilize the country.

    “In fact, it us a huge relief that most of the politicians decamping from APC to PDP; Governors or otherwise, are the worst set that we’ve ever had. One can hardly point any significant contribution to nation building recorded by them. All they know and care for is their selfish interest,” they asserted.

    It assured that the APC brand remains the most popular in Nigeria’s electoral market.


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