Business Man Accuses Embassy Of Doing Nothing As 62 ‘Innocent’ Nigerians Are Arrested, Tortured, Property Confiscated In India

    President Muhammadu Buhari


    There is a general state of fear amongst foreigners especially Nigerians in the Indian state of Kartanaka as state official has in the past four weeks cracked down on what they termed “illegal migrants” from Africa .

    Sources said over 107 Africans 62 of whom are Nigerians have so far been arrested and detained and crammed into a small prison facility with poor sanitary conditions.

    According to Chief Ikechukwu Nwodo, a business man, all the detainees are serially tortured and denied food .
    Most of the Nigerians have had their properties or belongings confiscated or vandalized by state police or mobs that accompanied the officials .

    Chief Nwodo in an interview with AUTHENTIC News Daily correspondent said all that the efforts he made to get the Nigerian ambassador to India proved abortive as the Nigerian diplomat refused to intervene

    He also gave an insight on how some locals work hand in hand with police to illegally loot and rob Nigerians of their hard earned cash and properties.

    Chief Nwodo is therefore calling on Nigerian Government to intervene.


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