Stakeholders Laud US Embassy For Supporting One Win Basketball Camp

    Action captured from the girls during a training match at the One Win Basketball Camp.
    By KATO P.  LADAN,  Kaduna
    Stakeholders  of the One Win Basketball  Camp all took turns to hail the United  States of America Abuja  Embassy  for its role in ensuring  that hundreds of girls are mentored and groomed through  basketball  to become  successful adults  in the future.
    Speaker after speaker expressed this at the ongoing  camp at the Federal  Cooperative College, Kaduna,  basketball  courts.
    Founder/CEO of One Win Basketball  Foundation, organisers of the camp, Coach Christiana Nnorom Mark alias Carter said that over 200 girls are participating  at the camp.
    She explained that after two months camp held earlier in the year,  they decided to make the follow  up a three months programmes.
    ” I realized  the girls needed more time so we made it three months this time.  Besides  the basketball  and mentoring  training  the girls get,  they are also taught life skills. On  Friday’s  we visit  them and their parents  at home to follow up on them,” she said.
    She added that “We want to know more about  the girls,  what do they want to achieve,  some have been taken for scholarships by the foundation  because  through  such fora we got to know their  parents  could  no longer sponsor their education.”
    Speaking  further,  she said  that they are putting  everything  in place to make the girls stand out among their peers.
    “Most of the girls, we try to instill discipline in them.  Their parents are happy and glad that we are doing this for the girl-child.  After lunch,  they would  move to the classroom for academics,” she said.
    On if the present camp is an improvement on the previous, she said that in every  aspect, they have improved.
    “First camp we had just 86 girls, but two weeks ago,  we had over  200 girls.  What I want is to get the girls to be greater women in future,  so that they don’t  need to depend on anyone in the future,” she added.
    “One Win is thankful to the US Embassy  Abuja for helping  the girls’  dreams come true.  We would be happy for more corporate organisations to come in and emulate  same so that they can increase number of beneficiaries  subsequently.
    Also speaking, Coordinator  of the One Win Camp, Coach James Fungen, who is the head coach of  Kaduna Polytechnic expressed delight that the camp gets bigger by the day.
    “We give praise  to God because we are growing.  Each week,  the number of girls that join us keeps increasing.
    “The first week we had 200 girls and it’s  been increasing  since then.  Every week we get new people like today we got 10 new people.  It shows the awareness  is higher.  It shows the female  gender that they are not push overs,”  he said.
    On the technical  aspect of the knowledge  imparted in them,  he said that a lot of progress has been made.
    “The kids that could  not push the ball the first time  they were here,  but today as you can see they are playing.  We have been giving them the basics.
     “Even the smallest  kid now if you ask them questions  on basketball  they can answer they  are really  growing  some feel they  are good  to play  for their school  teams now.  We are assessing  and keeping  records at the end we would  know  who is most improved,” he submitted.
    Speaking  further,  he explained that  they want to bring in other helping hands because  they follow  up to their schools  to find out how they are improving on the game,  while tab is also kept on  those that play on neighbourhood courts.
    “We say big thank  you to those supporting  the programme like the US Embassy.  They are touching  lives.  We want to tell them not to get tired of it and even improve  on their support.  Someday the kids would  come back and want  to associate  with them,” he said.
    Coordinator of the One Win Camp, Coach James Fungen, who is the head coach of Kaduna Polytechnic taking the participants on a drill.
    When fielding questions, Mary Akoh, 11 years JSS 2 student  said that she was at the camp to learn basketball.
    “I have been coming here for some months.  It’s a game that creates  fun,” she added.
    Also speaking,  Jennifer  Ephraim  who is 16 years, SS 2 student, said that she hopes to  use what she has learnt in taking care of her family when she becomes  a professional  player.
    “I have been coming to the camp since April this year.  I am giving  it all I have because  maybe through  basketball  I can feed my family.  Whenever I hold the ball,  it gives me joy.  I want to be a professional  player in future.  I thank One Win, if not for them,  I wouldn’t  be here.  I also want to thank  the American  Ambassador in Abuja, ” she added.
    In her words, Queen Barnabas, 16 years old who finished  secondary school  last year said that  One Win Camp has changed  her life.
    “I learnt  a lot from  One Win last year.  I am thanking our coach  Carter and the US Embassy.  I want to be a great basketball  player in future.  I started playing  basketball with One Win but  I am improving.  Though they are strict,  but it is meant at spurring  us to putting in our best,” she concluded.
    After the courts session,  they entered the classroom where they were given lectures by two experts.
    ‘Women in entrepreneurship lecture’ was articulately  delivered by Mr.  Joel  Jonah, while Miss Peace Osinachi Madu taught them on ‘Stages of Hormonal  Changes in girl-child’.
    Participants of the One Win Camp during an academic session in the classroom.
    The camp was conducted  in three categories namely,  mini,  cadet and junior.
    The next One Win Camp will be held in December, where organisers said that they are  expecting  larger number of both male and female participants  from all over Nigerian.
    The ongoing  all females camp which began in July, is expected   to  end on September  15.


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