Buhari, el-Rufai Bad, Expired Products, Rejected By Own Party – PDP

    President Muhammadu Buhari
    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna
    The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Kaduna State chapter has described President Muhammad Buhari and Kaduna State Governor as bad products, rejected by even members of their party, the All Progressives Congress (APC).
    This was expressed by its Publicity Secretary,  Abraham Alberah Catoh in a statement made available to AUTHENTIC News Daily on Saturday, in reaction to statement credited to el-Rufai’s spokesman, Samuel Aruwan.
    “May we remind the APC and the governor’s Spokesman, that the bad products (Nasir El-Rufai and Muhammad Buhari) they are trying so hard to sell to the electorates are expired products, Nigerians are yearning for better and more qualified politicians to handle the affairs of their country, which these two cannot give.
    “No wonder, even aspirants from the APC no longer attach their photographs with those two on their posters as they used to do in the past. Their tactics of churning lies and propaganda to our society has become boring to the electorates,” it stated.
    In the statement titled, ‘APC’s FEAR OF IMPENDING DEFEAT HAS TURNED THE S.A MEDIA,SAMUEL ARUWAN ,TO ANOTHER TANTRUM THROWER’ PDP described Samuel Aruwan, as a political nuisance.
    “The PDP made these observation after listening to the governor’s Spokesman on a Radio interview, yesterday, in what was supposed to be a media briefing on the so called “achievements” of Governor Nasir El-Rufai in the last 3 years plus of the APC administration in the State, instead of defending the policies and “achievements” of his principal ,he tried to disparage the PDP, a party that brought El-Rufai from political obscurity to a National figure,without which, Kaduna citizens and Nigerians wouldn’t have known him.
    “He tried, in his wild dreams, to make an analysis of an impending”yakin basasa” in the forth coming PDP primaries that may snowball into a big crisis for the party, with the hope of taking an advantage in the event it happens,” it stated.
    It explained that for the records, the PDP has succeeded in the past in settling its internal disputes diplomatically and politically.
    “That is why, the PDP family is an all comers affair, where everyone is important and the party respects even dissenting voices, which the APC do not have the capacity to handle and that is why their members are leaving the party in droves.
     “We have an institutionalised system of settling our differences, without rancour.
     “Thus, the APC and Governor El-Rufai should look inwards and stop deceiving themselves about an impending PDP crisis that will engulfed the PDP after our party primaries;”we are not your problem,your problems are self inflicted due to your undemocratic handling of issues, in the process shooting yourselves in the foot.
    “Our party has become more acceptable amongst Nigerians, once again, after trying the so called “Change” the APC promised them with no hope in sight. They have realized that they were hoodwinked into believing that the APC could perform better, unknown to them, the APC can’t even maintain the Economy better than the way they took over from the PDP, where the dollar was N167 as against N360 introduced by the APC, a bag of rice was N8,000 as against  N15,000, a liter of petrol was N87 against N145 as introduced by the APC and so many failed promises of the ruling party,but instead our Economy took a nose dive and plunged the economy into an APC-made recession,due to the bad economic policies of the APC.
     “A close look at the activities of our great party,PDP, will reveal to you how acceptable the party has become,with hundreds of aspirants(about 300 aspirants at the last count) contesting for various positions in our Party in Kaduna State, alone.
    “We are unperturbed about the APC’s hyping of their mediocre ‘achievements’ in Kaduna State and Nigeria at large ,because Nigerians know better.
    “We therefore, wish to restate our commitment to bringing to Nigerians a better Change ,if given the mandate once again.
    “Finally, the PDP wants to use this opportunity to appreciate our teeming supporters and to seek for your support, as usual, fellow Kadalites and Nigerians in the 2019 general elections,” it concluded.


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