I Inherited N2,300 When I Became SWAN President – Sirawoo

    SWAN members covering the National Youth Games in Ilorin hosted by Ex officio, Alloy Chukwuemeka who is also the Executive Secretary of Club Owners Association of Nigeria.

    The President of the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN), Honour Sirawoo has finally opened up on the financial status of the association when he took over.

    Sirawoo told SWAN members covering the National Youth Games in Ilorin that he inherited only N2,300 from his predecessors, as well as a debt burden of over $2,000.

    The President, speaking at the hang out organised by an ex officio of the association, Alloy Chukwuemeka, said that they have been able to within the short period of his tenure, changed the fortunes of the association, from being a debtor to becoming a creditor.

    “Today, with the N2,300 I met, we now have an office furnished. Besides the N2,300 I inherited, we were indebted to three years subscription to AIPS over $2000 but we have been able to clear it. Right now AIPS owing us $1000

    “Just two weeks ago, we bought a 2.5 KVA generator for the office. We have employed staff and drivers, we have salaries to pay them for two years.

    “We opened online registration and people have been paying, today we have in cash, over N5m.,” he said.

    Speaking further, he explained that owing to the fact that the law states that the head quarters of SWAN should be in Abuja, unlike what was obtainable before him, when it had been rotating to anywhere the President was elected from.

    “I knew if I had to be just to everyone, I have to follow law and so after three days, I went to the ministry and the minister said he was taking me to Buhari.

    “We have been working to see how we would leave the association, better than we met it,” he assured.

    Chukwuemeka, who is also the Executive Secretary, Club Owners Association of Nigeria earlier explained that he organised the event to host SWAN members who had been in Ilorin for 10 days covering the National Youth Games.

    He said it was for them to gave a taste of hospitality of the city and take such memories back to their respective states.


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