It’s A New Dawn For Kaduna, Nigeria Courtesy Of APGA – Polycarp Gankon

    Dr. Polycarp Gankon displays his APGA Nomination Form for Kaduna Gubernatorial Polls in 2019.

    *says he’ll solve Kaduna’s problems with a one-point agenda

    By KATO P. KADAN, Kaduna
    Disappointed by the two top parties, the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Nigerians are seeing a new bride in the All Progressives Congress (APGA).
    Chieftain of APGA and its candidate for Kaduna Gubernatorial polls in 2019, Dr. Polycarp Gankon expressed this while interacting with newsmen shortly after picking his nomination form at his office in Kaduna at the weekend.
    “Even the logo of APGA, a cock, shows it is a new dawn. The slogan, be your bothers and sisters keepers, also sends a big message. It is the only party that is gender sensitive and is being embraced across the country,” he added.
    He said that unlike in the past when it was viewed as a regional party, it has joined the big league and is set to field a presidential flag bearer for 2019.
    “We are fielding a presidential candidate from the North. There will be complete primaries. We are not just picking anyone but someone who has integrity and credibility.
    “We are not fielding big names but someone who would be there for the party. Now people are not after candidates, but after party,” he explained.
    On how he intends to govern Kaduna State if he emerges governor, he said he would focus on only one-point agenda and everything else would fall into place.
    “I am a researcher in agriculture, my wealth of knowledge will be brought to bear. If people are satisfied with food, every other thing will fall in place. I will be operating a one-point agenda, eradicating hunger.
    “Majority in Kaduna State are farmers, there is no irrigation farming, all done is rainy season farming. We have arable land that can be cultivated all year round, but nobody is farming on them. We would attract investments that would make agriculture profitable and all year round,” he said.
    “My call on Kaduna people is to open their eyes and vote wisely. Up till date, they are still sacking workers,” he pointed out.
    On the current security challenges being faced by the state, he said that too would be adequately nipped when he becomes governor.
    “Security too is not a problem, I have committed people and would they be willing to help me to solve that,” he explained.
    When asked to comment on the defection of Senator Stella Oduah from APGA to PDP which was made public on Friday, he said that he was not aware of that, but if it was true, could be as a result of a problem.
    “I am board of trustees member of APGA I was at the retreat and we met with her there last week and she never gave any signs of plans to leave the party. If she has decamped back to PDP, I am not aware of that.
    “If you see someone leaving APGA, it is questionable. When you look at them, they lack focus, if Stella Oduah moved back to PDP, then there must be a problem,” he submitted.


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