Southern Kaduna Youth Movement Endorses Senator Hunkuyi For Governor

    Senator Hunkuyi addressing party faithful and supporters at the PDP Kaduna State Secretariat on Friday July 27, 2018.
    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna
    Southern Kaduna Students and youth forum under the auspices of the Kaduna Emancipation Movement (KEM) has endorsed Senator Suleiman Othman Hunkuyi for the governorship of the State on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) come 2019.
    Towards this end, the youth group has called on delegates to the party primaries holding Sunday 30th September, 2018 to give their votes to the Senator who presently represent Kaduna North Senatorial district at the red chambers of the National Assembly (NASS).
    According to a statement issued by the group, “If the forthcoming PDP party primaries should bring forth an unpopular candidate, then the youth would have no option but think of another way out. We are willing to mobilize more people especially the youth to support PDP in 2019 but with a condition only when a credible candidate are given the opportunity to become party flag bearers anything short of these we shall not support because the time has come for the youth to decide the Southern Kaduna fate” the group emphasised.
    The statement was jointly signed by Pst. Agat Chocho Nkut (Leader), Barr. Ibrahim Turaki Esq (Secretary) Comrade Ayuba Bobai  (Youth Mobilizer) Isaac Gandu Kaura, Olive Shehu (Publicity Secretary) Juliana Tanko (Ladies Coordinator) and Joseph Bitrus Akut.
    The group stressed that their group is not sponsored by any politician but out of their meager resources collectively sponsor the activities of the group, adding that “it is a group of self willed youth who are very objective on politics and other public policies”.
    The group noted that, “most Southern Kaduna Youth went against the PDP in 2015 because we all felt that a Change was needed and to kick start the move for the total emancipation of Kaduna State to becoming a greater State as the founding fathers planned it to be, it is to our greatest dismay that the CHANGE we voted for is rather unfortunate with what is happening today and so this group is mobilizing all its members towards making sure that we Change the Change in 2019.
    “Most of our members were front liners during the 2015 campaign that brought the present government of MALLAM NASIR EL-RUFAI and we feel we the youth can no longer support this government”.
    On their support for Sentor Hunkuyi, thengroup said, “the name Hunkuyi is a household name not just among the Southern Kaduna people but in the political landscape of Kaduna State. Hunkuyi over the years has stood for and by the Southern Kaduna people through thick and tin.
    “He is a detribalized leader who can bring people of different religion tribe and race together. After the 2000 crisis in Kaduna State, the State has never been divided along religious and tribal grounds as it is  today.
    “Kaduna state is in dare need of a leader who understands the state and also understands the people to be able to foster peace and mutual coexistence like it used to be before the advent of democracy in 1999 where Muslim and Christians once cohabited together neighbour to neighbour even living one compound.
    “for this reasing our State is in dare need of a leader who can bring us to the table  treat us equally and carry everyone along and for those who know  Senator Suleiman Othman HUNKUYI knows the fact that he is the right person for the job of the governorship of Kaduna State.
    “To our brothers and sisters who are very privileged to be delegates saddled with the responsibility of producing the party’s flag bearers for the 2019 elections ours is not a threat but an advice, we plead that you shelve your personal and selfish interest for now to bring out a candidate that will not only deliver us from the situation today.
    ” We plead that you make up your mind to save Kaduna State from collapsing by electing the right candidate who has the capacity and intellectual know how to salvage Kaduna State. The Youths support for PDP in the 2019 elections is optional not a heritage and it will only be when you give to us a candidate we can follow all over Kaduna State to talk for and campaign for on the streets, shops, schools and in social gatherings. We all know that the will of the people is the candidature of Distinguished Senator Suleiman Othman Hunkuyi.
    “We pray our delegates will not allow the personal and selfish interest of a very few people to influence their decisions of electing a people’s person that will really give power to the people and to also out staged the negative change we have in Kaduna state come 2019.


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