With APGA There’s Hope For Kaduna, Gankon Says As He Emerges Guber Candidate

    APGA Kaduna State Gubernatorial Candidate, Dr. Polycarp Gankon waves the party's flag presented to him on Sunday October 7, 2018.
    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna
    The consensus candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) for the 2019 general elections in Kaduna State,  Dr. Polycarp Gankon has said that his party presents hope to people of the state.
    He expressed this in his acceptance speech, after he was unanimously adopted by delegates of the party to fly their flag at the state secretariat on Sunday October 7, 2018.
    “If you see the manifesto of APGA, it is all progressive. I have come to tell people of Kaduna that with APGA, we have hope. By my virtue of discipline, I served in ABU for 25 years, as an agriculture expert, it will be used to transform the state,” he assured.
    He explained that he agreed to  come out to contest again, because he sees  that there is a need to protect the collective destiny.
    “There is always a thin line between success and failure. Ours will be success,” he assured.
    Gankon said that he chose APGA because it is the only gender friendly party in Nigeria with a motto ‘Be your brothers and sisters keepers’.
    “Today I feel as a man of dignity and honour, a force to reckon with in Kaduna State who has refused monetarily gratification by focusing on need to change our fortunes for good,” he added.


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